12 Weeks of Bulking

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I want to bulk

I want to bulk, and I want to do it in a way that fits my lifestyle and my budget. But doesn’t everyone? I have for the majority of my life been underweight and little muscle. I have got my weight to healthy now and put on a bit of muscle but as with most people I want a bit more – having done my research it would appear that cutting would be pointless, maintaining wouldn’t give me anything so bulking it is.

I am not sure at what point I want to stop bulking but I am certain that I would just know when, or if, I get there.

However, I know the theory of bulking and I now need to put it in practice.

What is this bulking article about?

Weightlifting, bodybuilding and general fitness is popular and it is becoming more and more so. With increased popularity there is always an opportunity to make some money and I do believe that a lot of trainers, gyms, supplement makers and all associated are striking while the iron is hot – I am not begrudging them for doing it but it does make it much more complicated about what routine to do, what to eat, when to sleep and a whole lot more.

Steroids were another factor to do this experiment – you see people ripped to shreds pretending to be natural or ‘natty’ which gives people a false sense of optimism “That guys is natural and looks at how ripped he is! I’m gonna do his workout and use his supplements!” which is wrong. I am not shaming people for taking steroids, but i do think they should state if they take them or not before taking people’s money. I want to do this naturally and to see what my gains are so that other people in the same boat can see what can be possible (or even not possible) without juicing.

This article is not a guide and it is not advice, this is simply a log of my efforts following a set routine, my day to day diet and statistics on improvements from size, strength to general well being. If you’re looking for a guide on bulking that tells you what to do from a professional, this is not it.

So, to round off; the article is a log of my efforts on a bulking plan, diet, which supplements I used and what I gained.

A quote by Burningheart on his Work out of the week on bodybuilding.co.uk


About me

When I ventured into lifting and bulking originally it was a lot to take in and it wasn’t a case of going to the gym, lifting some weights and hey presto there are my muscles. I researched what lifts to do, what to eat and what supplements to take and I had a go and I was quite pleased with the results in the 3 months I did it.

I never recorded my initial measurements but approximately I gained around 6-8 lbs of muscle. These were more than likely ‘noob gains’ and in actuality I would have gained 4 lbs or less after this period. However, I enjoyed the experience and the gains made me want to take it up a notch – I had already changed my diet around and added some more supplements but it was not as good as it can be with changes to the diet.

I am 27, a Digital Marketing Executive Mon-Fri and it is a sedentary role my gym work gets done in the evenings and weekends. I am in a committed relationship, a mortgage and all the responsibilities of an adult. During my childhood and young adulthood I was fairly active and worked as a farmer for 4 years for my father. I don’t want to mislead anyone in anyway – I have done physical work in the past and my work demands an analytical mind so I have some prior experience in both areas for this log. I don’t want anyone to assume I am doing this stuff for the very first time. Although I am a beginner I’m not that much of a beginner.

I am quite comfortable in the weights room and I have done my research on supplements, nutrition and diet. I am fully aware of the basic theory of how to build muscle.

The Bulking Routine

The bulking workout I will be utilizing is the one posted here by Burningheart because of of how detailed and comprehensive it is. The detail in the routine, intensity, diet and supplementary advice is simply outstanding. Not only that, the routine itself is fairly simple and I have done many of the lifts in the past. I will be following this as closely as I can with whatever is available in my local gym, if I can’t do it I will replace with a similar lift.

I have also added a couple of addition stuff as it seemed to lack a bit, particularly for the chest.

The routine also goes on for 12 weeks (recommended) and thus gives a greater scope for trial and error.

Although the routine states to train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday it is essential for success that it adapts to me and not the other way around – the likelihood is it will be Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday so that the spacing between days stays the same, however I will adhere to the rest periods.

I will increase the weight as time goes by to ensure my body keeps getting challenged. With a 12 week workout I would assume my strength would increase consistently.

How will the Bulking Routine it be logged

I am a big fan of a good spreadsheet and I will be using a Google spreadsheet to monitor the resistance in my lifts and to monitor progress. Every single session will be logged.

The Bulking Diet

The bulking diet will be the most challenging as I am very lazy and never plan ahead, however I have done my research and I am aware of a few recipes and will do everything I can to adhere to it. However, my main concern is to hit my macros and get the protein I need at the very least. I also use a couple of supplements to give me that extra boost, at time of writing they are –

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men 

Kinetica ZMA Active*

Fish Oil

*May not use as I don’t have trouble sleeping

Supplements under consideration at the moment are Casein and D-Pol – Casein is more a budget issue as supplements every month are a drain and the D-Pol was for the reviews, however I am not convinced of what the D-Pol can actually do and the reviews look very suspect.

I don’t work for Optimum Nutrition nor have I been asked to specifically use them, I simply went for the ones people generally praised and stuck with the brand. I like the stuff they’ve done and I don’t have any complaints so why use another I say.

How will the Bulking Diet be monitored?

This is one of the easiest to monitor. I have been calorie counting with My Fitness Pal for months. I will simply be scanning what I eat and measure my nutrition and macros with this. This will also produce graphs and charts for me and can be used to cross reference with the Bulking Routine quite easily.

You can find my food diary here

And also on the spreadsheet – here

Bulking Gains

The whole point of bulking is to get some gains. Although I don’t know what sort of gains I will get with this experiment but the workout routine mentioned I should expect..

“For an experienced weightlifter, you can expect around 1 pound of lean muscle mass per two weeks. As for a new lifter, one can expect 1 pound of lean muscle mass per week.”

I am not sure where I stand with these two so we’ll assume I should get around 6 lbs of muslce by the end of the program IF I eat according to the guide and go into the routine with INTENSITY AND GOOD FORM.

So, my assumptions are:

I will gain 6lbs on muscle mass by week 12 if –

  • I keep to the diet and macros
  • I get 7-9 hours of good sleep
  • Complete the routine with intensity, good form and increase the resistance often

How will I monitor my Bulking Gains?

This is probably the easiest to monitor- I will measure my weight and dimensions (I recently changed to a Gym that provides this service). So the key ones I am looking out for are obviously weight and body fat%; if my weight goes up and my body fat % reduces or stay the same it’s safe to say that it is lean muscle mass (Possibly water retention, but measurements over 12 weeks should normalise them)

When does it start?

I have started as of 27th of December.

SEAT Ibiza: The Unsung Hero



Prominence of green cars

Ever since the Toyota Prius made everyone that little bit more aware of “green” cars and hybrids a lot of drivers now care more about the mpg (miles per gallon) than they do the litres, valves and all the rest of it with the emphasis going from how fast you can go to how long you can go without filling up.

There are some major benefits of having an economical car, mainly financially. Your fuel consumption will go down and therefore less trips to the petrol stations (whose prices are going up!), you can avoid the congestion charge if you live in London and some cars if they have below 100g/km emissions are road tax exempt.

With the U.K being in a recession cutting costs stopped being a hob
by and started becoming a necessity for a most of the people in the country and with this the search for a good economical car become more and more serious.

The Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI

As the title suggests we’re here to discuss the Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI CR Ecomotive to be precise. To me, the new Ibiza is a genuinely good looking car, sensational as Seat would like you to feel. It has become a lot more modern and mature looking than the previous facelift and does stand out in traffic with its body lines and sharp points, on the inside the cabin has more than enough gadgets and gizmos for a modern driver and it’s comfortable to boot.

However, the one thing that really stands out for me is the engine. It’s the most economical in its range and can produce a staggering 80.7 mpg! Everyone knows this isn’t a “real world” figure but you get the idea of what it’s capable of. The reason I call the Ibiza and unsung hero is the fact that it is essentially a Volkswagen Polo, delivering better mpg than most hybrids, competes very well with rival hatchbacks and the price is a steal!


Let’s compare some cars it’s competing with –

Toyota Yaris Hybrid 1.5 VVT-I 80.7 mpg 79 g/km £15,495

Vauxhall Corsa 1.3CDTI ecoFLEX 80.7 94g/km £15,330.00

Peugeot 208 1.4 e-HDi (automatic) 87g/km 83 mpg £14,195.00

Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 71 mpg 104g/km 95 £15,245.00

Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI Ecomotive 80.7 92g/km £13,300

*This list was compiled using the FuelMileage.co.uk database and the OTR prices taken directly from the manufacturer’s website of new cars available now.

It does go without saying that there will be more economical and cheaper cars out there than the Ibiza – but this isn’t what this blog is about. This is just my personal opinion from working in the new car leasing trade that the Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI Ecomotive is the complete package.


To summarise the blog today I would begin by saying that the Ibiza 1.2 TDI is a brilliant, brilliant little car. If you are going for a diesel hatchback I would advise to seriously consider this car, take it for a test drive and do your homework. A factor that a lot of people take into consideration is who is really behind the manufacturer- knowing that Seat is a part of Volkswagen who make Audi’s can change a lot of people’s minds.

It looks great, the economy is right at the top, the emissions are very low and most importantly the price is cheap, as an example of leasing this car it would be as little as £121 with us. Check Seat’s website or your local deal if you need more information about a purchase.

Thanks for reading today, if you feel the same way or have another car you feel trumps the Ibiza then feel free to leave a comment or send an email to Ronnie@allcarleasing.co.uk, to find the latest deals on not just green but any car please visit www.allcarleasing.co.uk

Should he stay or should he go? (for a high price) : Luis Suarez signs a new contact


Luis Suarez has signed a new contract with a bumper pay rise and an extension. But will he still go? I think that question will be answered towards April or so. He wants Champions League football, he is a Champions League quality player so in all fairness it’s fair that he would want out of an underperforming team that he is single handedly getting wins for.

But, and there was always going to be a but, will he stay at the end of the season? He may have extended his contract and therefore would cost more to purchase but Real Madrid as an example still have the money for him. £100,000,000 is not an improbable considering Bale was £85,000,000.

However, if we reach the Champions League, or better yet win a trophy, will he stay? My heart says yes, but my mind says no. He has already stated his dreams and intentions and if we fail to get Europe, I wouldn’t blame him for leaving – even after all the past incidents the way he’s going this season and if it continues he won’t owe us anything.


Totally Wicked Tornado-T Electronic Cigarette Review


Electronic Cigarette Home Page

The Tornado Tank is a revolutionary electronic cigarette, which changed the face of vaping overnight.

Traditional electronic cigarettes had a cartridge and atomizer system which, whilst functional, did not replicate accurately enough the sensation of smoking for many users. – From Totally Wicked’s Website 

The Review 

I have finally moved on from the Ego-C after using it for quite some time. However, it’s Christmas and thought about getting a new one. I have recently started a new job and there is a Totally Wicked shop just around the corner so I was able to see it first hand before making the purchase. The first thing I liked about it was how sleek it looked compared to some of the others I have used.

This is the most modern Electronic Cigarette I have used and it has done away with wicks and instead it just looks like an empty chamber and a space to put the liquid in. There is no hassle putting it together, cleaning it and refilling – which is something I really appreciate.

The amount of vapour it produces is also remarkably more than the Ego-C, Eon Smoke, Nicolites and VPRO. The taste however is not much different.

It is a smaller sized battery than what I’m used to but has not let me down once yet, however I am able to charge it at my desk at work so it hasn’t really been “tested” yet.

The box it came with also had loads of spares and a free 18mg tobacco flavour liquid (which I changed to Cherry) which was a nice bonus as my previous electronic cigarettes didn’t really come with any decent packaging, I was quite impressed with this.

Something I’ve noticed so far is that it takes just a little bit more inhaling to get going as it is a small hole that it comes out of, where the “exit” was much bigger in other models- this has resulted in a slightly sore throat after a long period of using it such as a traffic jam.


Although it looks much better than the others I’ve used the end result is the same. I press a button and vapour comes out. However, it is much easier to clean, put liquid in and to take care of which are valuable attributes to have. I am happy with the Tornado-T and will continue to use it and see how it goes but it has become my e-cig of choice.

The Power of Google+



There is no doubt in my mind that Google plus (G+) is a powerful tool for marketers, SEO, social media managers or anyone who is involved in their digital image, it has it’s challenges particularly as most people are accustomed to a couple of “main” social media sites and are skeptical as to why they should be using another when it is more or less twitter and facebook rolled into one. 

Sharing community

G+ is a very active sharing community, with many people in my circles publically sharing very often – pictures, blog posts and videos are the most common I have found. Interestingly enough, there aren’t many people sharing just a short paragraph of an event or an experience they’ve had such as they would often do on twitter and facebook. This works for me and my work as I can easily share pictures of cars we have specials on, blog posts and general car pictures. As I typed this I noticed the glaring similarities with Pinterest. 

+1 and shares

Users of G+ are very quick to +1 and share content they’ve seen on their feed, it’s a fair assessment to say that you don’t have to work as hard for the-all-important-shares with G+; which again works for me. Shares, +1, likes, retweets and all the rest of it are meaningful to SEO so it’s important to have engagement from people. If you compared our Facebook likes and G+ +1’s then in a few months our G+ will have dwarfed it.

G+ and SERPs

This is where the golden egg can be found. If i search for our primary keyword in incognito on google we will be 9th (At time of writing). Now, if I sign in to my personal Google account (Which has +1’d and followed our G+ page) then we are 4th, 5th and 7th! The 4th and 5th positions are taken up by recent google+ posts and the 7th is our normal result. Amazing stuff! This meant that we are 30% of the first page for that keyword under those circumstances.

I believe Google has possibly changed the algorithm slightly or dependant on something I can’t figure out yet as when I logged into my girlfriends account (Who has +1’d and followed) then we were 2nd! 

What does this mean for SEOs?

Pretty simple really, you need to be working on your G+ profile for your business. We are a fairly small company and the effects have been encouraging. However, the people you need to be followed by need to be relevant because coming up 4th, 5th and 7th for people who will not be purchasing or who will not be interested in your products is a wasted effort. Get to know the climate for your industry and get your name around in relevant communities, your G+ page needs to be nurtured just the same as other marketing channels you are using. 

Liverpool’s christmas schedule – defining moment


Premier League
Liverpool v Cardiff Sat 21 Dec
Man City v Liverpool Thu 26 Dec
Chelsea v Liverpool Sun 29 Dec

These are the games that we have got ahead of us before 2014, two away games to title chasing teams. Tough isn’t the word, so you can see why it’s such a defining moment for us. Win all three and we would more than likely end 2013 at the top and then I would start think that maybe, just maybe we can win the league!


We have shown some weakness from time to time. We were rounded by Southampton and thrashed by Hull when they attacked us and didn’t let us get into our flow which has seen us batter teams, namely Norwich and recently Spurs (Sorry AVB!). We won’t have Sturridge for these games so we are heavily relying on Suarez. At the moment he is flying and carried us a bit, but if he was to have an off game then I worry about what could happen. Hendo, Coutinho and Flan have been very good so far but they don’t look quite ready to dictate the game like Suarez can do.

What I am hoping for as a good run would be beat Cardiff, draw city and draw Chelsea. That to me would be a cracking bunch of results. If we end up having a bad run with these 3 then we will have a right good scrap on our hands for that 4th spot.

Nervy times ahead

How to get the best economy from your car

How to get the best economy from your car

Everyone is always concerned about the recession, increased fuel prices and so on but when it comes to driving and your car, what can you do to reduce some of the costs – this is especially important with winter coming and longer journeys are expected.

Make it lighter

We all carry a bit of unnecessary weight in our car, but if you were to take everything out that you don’t need you would be surprised with how much fuel you can save. You may not notice it day by day but over weeks and month it would show on your petrol station statements. This rule also applies to “extras” on the car as well – roof and bike racks as an example.

Turn off the gadgets

To some it may sound obvious but air conditioning uses a big chunk of fuel, especially on a long journey or if the car isn’t going too fast. For cars without air conditioning putting the heater to a lower temperature can work wonders. Also make sure some of the other appliances you may have are monitored – the heated seats, heated windscreens and so on.

Keep the car healthy

Keeping the car well maintained can be a costly endeavour however; it can SAVE money by doing this as a well maintained car performs better and therefore can use a lot less fuel than a car that has not had much attention. Some things to keep an eye on –

  • Regular oil changes
  • Tyres have good amount of pressure and treads are still fine.
  • All fluids are kept fine and no leaks (engine coolant, gearbox fluid, brake fluid)

Slow down

Another obvious point is to watch your speed! Although you would get a lot of attention on the motorway going anything less than 60mph (maybe even 70mph!) it does affect the fuel usage quite a bit. If you normally go over 70mph on a motorway with regular use try going for a week sticking to 70mph and see the difference.


If you have a clean car it will become more aerodynamic – it probably wouldn’t add much to the mpg but it all adds up!

 If you are to make all of these changes then surely you would notice a big difference in both your fuel consumption and in your pocket. The savings would be throughout the year but in winter when there’s more traffic and cars have to struggle more to get warm you will see it a lot more during this time.

At All Car Leasing we have a wide range of economical cars. Why don’t you have a look?

Red Mist

Sturridge scores a late equaliser.

Sturridge scores a late equaliser.

I suffered quite a bit of red mist during the 3-3 thriller at Goodison Park; not just about the result but about other things that happened during that game, quite a headline grabber.

First off, it was a spectacularly entertaining game and definitely one for the neutrals, tackles flying in, goal mouth scrambles and cracking saves – a great advert from the premier league. But for me it was all tainted by two people: Kevin Mirallas and Joe Allen.

How Kevin Mirallas stayed on the pitch was beyond me, the ref had the best view and yet it was still a yellow. Luis Suarez was lucky to be able to carry on. However, whether the result would have changed with a red card is debatable.

The second, Joe Allen. All I can say is that I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t play for a long time.

It was good to see Suarez and Sturridge get a goal each and keep the scoring momentum going, it was also another day where Lukaku has shown what a monster he is with his power, pace and finishing. Roberto Martinez demonstrated his vision of how he can get Everton playing which is far more entertaining than Moyes ever did.

It leaves Liverpool still second in the league and looking good, a draw was a fair result but it has given our near rivals a chance to gain some points which Arsenal, City and Chelsea have all done at time of writing.


The Gerrard leading with the elbow thing was dubious but it wasn’t comparable to the Mirallas tackle, so don’t bother.

EonSmoke Electronic Cigarette Review

EonSmoke Logo

EonSmoke Logo

Electronic Cigarette main page.

EonSmoke Website 

This will now be my 4th different review of an electronic cigarette following my review for Nicolites, VPro and the eGo so I feel I’ve got to know some different variations and a feel of what is good and bad in an electronic cigarette.

This time is EonSmoke who have kindly sent me some samples to test – I got two batteries and several cartridges of President, Coffee, Mango, Grape Mint and Tobacco flavour.

EonSmoke starter kit

EonSmoke starter kit

First of all, if you have ever heard or even used the Nicolites brand of electronic cigarette you will feel right at home as they are almost identical in looks, as both of these have aimed for a “real” feeling of using electronic cigarette.

The EonSmoke version is more reliable in my opinion, only a couple (out of 30+) cartridges have come with that horrible taste (straight out of the packet) and the battery lasts a bit longer.

The flavours in the EonSmoke cartridges are consistent – when replacing a cartridge the taste is the same, which was always a drawback with these types of eCigarette. The range of flavours are also very good (see the range here) and the cartridge are always designed differently based on flavour, something I find to be a good, simple addition to the packaging.

EonSmoke flavour range

EonSmoke flavour range

Although the flavours are good the EonSmoke does fail to achieve my personal level of desired throat hit and at times it does feel like you are sucking on thin air – the nicotine level I recieved were 18mg but there are different eCigs and flavours out there with the same nicotine level with a superior throat hit – this is an area I’d suggest to improve straight away.

On a full charge the EonSmoke will conformably take you through a normal working day where you may only be able to use it on breaks, but on days off or regular use throughout the day you will need to make sure you are near a charing point or have a spare. I’d always recommend a spare, which I always carry with me anyway.

The method of charging is the same as normal, a USB adapter which can be plugged into a computer or a USB mains adapter.

EonSmoke USB charger

EonSmoke USB charger

To keep it compact I’m not sure if there’s anything EonSmoke can do at the moment, but as technology advances I’m sure it will be improved. They have manual batteries available in store which may increase battery life, but as I only received the automatic one I wouldn’t be able to comment.


Overall, I really liked the EonSmoke for it’s uniqueness in a congested market at the moment. Their flavours are nice, their accessories range is growing and it feels good in your hands. The areas where I would improve however are the battery life and the throat hit of some of the cartridges. But all in all, one of the better products out there – it feels authentic and you can trust them more than some of the “do it yourself” eCigarettes.


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