Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

This should have been the first one I made but I thought about doing other things first, I don’t think that many people want to know about me first then my blog, but now there’s some stuff out there maybe people would like to know more about the author.

My name is Ronnie Jones and I’m 24 born in Bangor, north Wales. I’ve lived in this area my whole life apart from the 3 years I spent living in Preston, Lancashire, where I was studying for my marketing degree, which I graduated.

I currently live with my girlfriend spending my days and enjoying my spare time without being poor as a student, suffering a hangover or battling against an assignment deadline.

I started this blog because I’ve always enjoyed football, if there’s any good game on I’ll be watching, regardless if its Liverpool or not, whom I support. I’ve always had an opinion and I could talk for hours on end about football. I like reading footballing books as well as always stay up to date with rumours, news and all that kind of thing. I’d like to think of my opinion as well thought out and solid, I don’t think I’m biased and I don’t really comment on much without thought.

So that’s who I am, I hope you enjoy reading the blogs and a comment would also be appreciated!

I’m also on twitter @ronneh_


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