Liverpool vs Spurs match report


As I made my way to Anfield I checked twitter to see if the confirmed team sheet bad been made public and it has and it was quite disappointing. It was a very defensive looking side with a midfield of Adam, Spearing, Gerrard and Kuyt. Gerrard aside, there was almost no imagination, pace or flair in the whole midfield.

As the game progressed there was almost nothing to speak of apart from the appearance of Anfield Cat, long balls would be delivered to Carroll and he would almost all of the time hold up the ball before flicking it along to a player who would just stop with the ball and do nothing, myself and a lot of the fans nearby would shout in frustration for them to “go forward” or “you’re going the wrong way Kuyt!”.

The crowd weren’t really behind the players either and I don’t blame them, the Kop sang only about 2 songs, and maybe jt was because we were above the away fans but they seemed louder than us for the whole game. The players looked too afraid to go forward and just didn’t know what to do to get the ball up to the attack. Spearing was having a shocker with a lot of wayward passing, to his credit though, he would always work hard to get it back.

Tottenham weren’t having a good game either though, maybe it was the lack of Harry Redknapp or the fact that our defence that night was having a brilliant night to be fair, particularly Skrtel. The only bad thing I saw was the tackle on Bale. The crowd were booing and claiming play acting but to me it looked like a red card offence, and Bale being lucky to still have been able to play the rest of the game.

This game was Suarez return to playing again, and the crowd were obviously looking forward. And when he came on to a standing ovation he did look like he was just raring to go, running around like he used to, but he did look like he hadn’t been in a match for a while as if he was running with the ball for the sake of it rather than with a plan to lay someone on or curl one in. His wild kick on Parker didn’t look like much from where we were sat but I’ve heard since it looked nasty and a possible red, I’d hope that was just down to being a bit rusty rather than malicious.

And that’s more or less how the 90 mins went, solid defence and a hesitant attack and a 0-0 is probably a fair result. If you read my match preview I did say that for us to get anything we’d have to attack and that’s what we didn’t do, and we got only a point.

Positives to take from the game were the defence, and areas to work on are the attack’ and with Suárez back I’m sure that’s what is going to happen.




One thought on “Liverpool vs Spurs match report

  1. I watched on TV here in Poland, and am surprised at the reaction from the press (and you). This looked like a quality match, and I sensed the crowd appreciated that. Charlie Adam is the best passer of a ball that Liverpool have, add Gerrard with Kuyt playing a wider (forward role) and 75% of your midfield is ‘attacking’.

    Liverpool had 15 shots at goal, perhaps slightly less than normal, but against what can only be described as a very, very good defence. Kyle Walker in particular is the best right-back in the country, by a mile, and King and Dawson a very credible centre-back partnership. Add Essau-Ekoto (spelling?) as a vastly improved full-back as well and you’re up against a top team.

    That said, Liverpool don’t have a ‘natural’ goalscorer and that was probably the difference between 0-0 and 1-0. I’ve seen Suarez miss 4 or 5 of the exact headers that he put into Friedel’s arms already this season. One suspects that Rush or Fowler wouldn’t have missed any of them.

    The last few games showed what we’ve known for a while. Liverpool can compete and dominate at the highest level. KK must turn his attention to putting the likes of Stoke, Fulham, Swansea, Norwich & Blackburn to the sword, and then we’d be up there with Spurs pushing the two Manc teams

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