Manchester United vs Liverpool match report


The tension and controversy was there and reignited again before kick off, but I will leave that out in the match report and keep this article just about the game. However with all the shit that’s just been thrown about I will be writing an article about that farce later on.

Liverpool played a bit of a strange side with Suarez up on his own, and Spearing playing instead of Adam despite having a nightmare against Spurs earlier in the week. United played a predictable strong side and even in the pre match conference Alex Ferguson mentioned how even he was surprised.

The game started a bit scrappy, some chances at both ends but really there was nothing, except possibly when Suarez was through, but was stopped in his tracks by a brilliant surgical tackle by Rio, Suarez looked enraged but it really was not a foul. It was uneventful but as a fan I found it exciting anyway, I always enjoy watching these fixtures even if they don’t go our way sometimes. The best thing about that half was probably the tussles between Enrique and Rafael, he was busy that day.

I was working that day and unfortunately I missed the first 5 mins of the second half, and what a big moment it was as they scored and I’d completely missed it, especially whilst during half time I was thinking we could get something here if we go for it….then after checking the score I went to the toilet quickly before I get in my seat to watch properly and I had missed another goal, unbelievable.

So, it was 2-0 and plenty of minutes left in the half, and what do Liverpool do? Not try. They just looked like they weren’t bothered at all, apart from Suarez who was still running around as usual as if it was 0-0. Minute 50 ’till 80 Liverpool were awful and Alex Ferguson was right in his post match saying they could have score more, they could, we were all over the place. Man United were all over the place, bossing the midfield and we weren’t going anywhere any time soon.

The Liverpool faithful that turned up though, credit to them. I could hear their songs louder and more awful and the 70,000 plastic man united fans who sang more about Liverpool than they did themselves, not even sure if they sang one song about themselves. You could even hear Evra being booed and he was playing at home!

There was nothing much to speak of in terms of football from the Reds, we were shite, not bothered. Credit to the back four and Reina keeping us in the game for that half hour, really spared our blushes.

Kenny made some subs, and thank god, Downing was awful and poor young Spearing had another shocker, I can sympathise with Spearing, he is still young and learning the ropes but this game was too big for him and I don’t think he should have started. Downing, however is a mature player and he should by now with that transfer fee pull up his socks and start playing football he is capable of. Carroll came on but couldn’t make an impact, Adam though played some decent football and you could see Bellamy was trying,and things were starting to look a bit better, but just a bit, United were still the team on top.

And then… Latching on from a typical Rio Ferdinand blunder Suarez of all people got on the scoresheet with a poachers goal, even if it was Rio showing his age and fumbling, Luis still had to be in the right place and the right time. The place erupted and Liverpool woke up a bit and we went for it and we could have snatched a point at the death with Suarez’s header, but it was not enough and we left with nothing, and I blame that on the lack of effort from the team after Rooney’s second. Still, leaving Old Trafford losing 2-1 is not something to be ashamed of, not going the effort in mid game is though.

Lucky for us we have a small break from the Premier League with a game against Brighton, and time to reflect on the game as well as deal with the other distasteful incidents.


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