Suárez, Evra,the media witch-hunt and hypocrisy.

I remember watching this game and thought it was just a decent game of footy and I really didn’t see anything between the two during the game that wasn’t typical of a normal clash in a rival game, so much that at full time I just went back to my room and just played games. But what I had missed turned out to be probably the biggest football storyline of 2011, and what a sad story that is, and what a mess it has become.

Apparently, according to Patrice Evra for the third time in his career he had been racially abused during or involving a football match, the other two cases were thrown out, but this was against Liverpool and against a player who everyone knew was controversial beforehand so this was treated differently.

Between then and the report the media were rubbing their hands, what a juicy story this was going to be, already on Evras side even before the ‘facts’, were out. Journalists the nation over don’t seem to like Liverpool anyway so this wasn’t a surprise.

The Report

I won’t get into detail from the FA report but I will try and look at the crucial findings.

First of all, the original accusation from Evra was a lie, and he withdrew it. The media seemed to ignore this, a lie is not a good point to start in such a serious manner, considering the last two cases of abuse on him were thrown out. Evra had claimed Suarez called him a “nigger”, he withdrew this. He also claimed Suarez said “Nigger” 10 times! That’s quite an exaggeration, also a lie since he withdrew this too. Obviously Patrice needed a new story now so he decided Suarez used the term “negro” and this is where the confusion begins, as with what a lot of blogs, articles and so on have mentioned the words negro is one that can be interpreted in many different ways, and Suarez’s story and Evra’s stories don’t corroborate with eachother here, however, the FA decided that Evra’s story was probably correct, not definitely, but probably. Shockingly enough, in the report Evra himself said Suarez was not a racist.

It was a case of Suarez word against the other, with no real evidence to back it up, this was a case that could ruin one’s career and they just took one side, it looked like they wanted to make an example of someone in the racism battle, particularly after the outrage Sepp Blatter caused with his comment that a handshake would sort everything.

I believe that Suarez believes he is innocent and if anything offensive was taken by Evra it wasn’t intentional, I believe in the heat of the moment and Evra’s poor spanish left him to believe he was racially abused. However, why he didn’t do at the exact time it happened is beyond me. And why he started his case with two lies is another thing I can’t grasp without resorting to branding him a liar and a cheat.

Another short summary can be found here in a snapshot of a deleted article on the Guardian website.


The Media

This was the back pages of the Mirror, not the most glamourous or intelligent paper, but there you go. When the back pages just has the words “RACIST” then what chance has Suarez got, most people haven’t got the time or be bothered to read the FA report and get their news from tabloids instead, and they will just believe it is a fact. Suarez never stood a chance. Here’s a quote on the comment section on Caughtoffside’s website.

anonymous841937December 24th, 2011 at 11:29 amthe mirror should be congratulated for telling the truth!! shamefull behaviour from liverpool football club and all conected with it.

Now the entire Liverpool Football Club and even those connected to it have behaved shamefully, this is the kind of moronic thinking caused by really poor misinformed journalism, it should be the media that should be ashamed of themselves, their jobs are meant to be giving people information backed by facts, not fabricated by a Liverpool bashing dickhead at a desk., the report was there to be read and they clearly did not, they must have had a deadline that didn’t give them the time, so they just ran with “RACIST”.

Here’s another case of the media twisting things just to get readers from the Guardian (link) and from the Independent (link) both of which don’t actually go along with the FA report.

Next up is the T-shirt scandal, where the players were wearing shirt in support of Suarez, I thought it was unnecessary but a good gesture from the players nonetheless. However, the media went straight on this as if Liverpool were supporting a racist and racism itself, when really they were supporting Suarez in that he was not a racist and was innocent. Really different things there.

The Handshake

This caused controversy, but only people who looked into it properly could understand why. Think about it from Suarez view, would you want to shake the hand of the man who got you banned for 8 games with a fine for what you believed to be lies? No? Neither would I. Just like Rio didn’t want to shake the hand of the person he thought was a racist. It really is that simple.

However, if it really was discussed beforehand with Kenny, then it was wrong and he let him down. But he didn’t let himself down. It looked like the actions of a man who had nothing to apologise for.

The celebration afterwards though? Unnecessary but I could understand.

Also, judging from this picture, was Evra going to shake his hand anyway?


Alex Ferguson and his hypocrisy

What he said in the post match was an absolute shambles, I don’t know what had got into him.

Liverpool should get rid of him, disgrace to the club, he couldn’t believe he didn’t shake.

How quickly he has forgotten about his own players doing things, arguably worse.

1. Eric Cantona assaulting a fan, 8 month ban. He came back against Liverpool and scored. Why didn’t he get rid of him? Surely that’s worse than missing a handshake?

2. Rio Ferdinand misses a drug test. Pretty obvious why he missed it. Did he get rid of him? No.

3. Roy Keane ends Halands career. Yep, horrific. Actually ended his career. Did get get rid of him?. No.

4. Paul Scholes,Wayne Rooney and Roy Carroll refuses to shake hands with Vieira. Did he get rid of them for doing what Suarez did? Nope, still there.

Who does he think he is? And why does everyone think his word is law? He may be a good manager, but he isn’t half thick sometimes, referees are against him one day and when they get 4 penalties (?!) in a row then they are doing a good job.


The whole situation is a mess and it shouldn’t be, the media need to get off our back and maybe take a look at the report, maybe write articles that cover both sides of the story, that would be a good start. I hope the truth comes out one day, and I hope Suarez stays and always has the backing of the Liverpool Football Club, he has mine anyway. I don’t think he is racist, I think things got taken out of context, but the media have not given their readers a chance to see it may not be all it seems. Now everyone seems to hate Suarez and Liverpool and it’s not fair.


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