How I play MW3 Part I – Classes


I have been playing Call of Duty since the first modern warfare when it was introduced by a friend and have been playing fairly competitive since, not quite on the same level as the professional players but I have encountered some in random lobbies and beat them from time to time.

Primary Weapon

I have always used more or less the same primary weapon, MP5 in MW, ACR in MW2 and the awesome ACR 6.8 in MW3.

The ACR’s small recoil and decent power/fire rate makes this a fantastic weapon, there are weapon charts out there that place this as number 1, but I liked it before they were published regardless, it is just an all round cracking gun.

If I’m in a fast paced game however, I go for the MP7 with its mobility and straight shooting line.

Oh and proficiency is kick, and silenced. Always.

Secondary Weapon

At its pre nerf peak I used the FMG9 for obvious reasons, it was a monster. I didn’t like using it because it was overpowered but I couldn’t help it, as it got nerfed I moved on to the mp5, which is brilliant, fire rates damage, reload speed and recoil. Silenced.


I move from Semtex/Frag now and again for a change, but it’s always one of them. They can give you some decent kills if you learn about trajectory and cooking time. They are reliable and are a must for Domination.

Tactically I use concussion as it affects the enemy more than flash. Whenever I get flash I can still move like normal so if you can remember where you were just shoot. Concussion makes you so slow that it’s much harder to kill than when flashed.

Class Perks

Perks change depending on situation and class so here’s a run down –

    Main Class

ACR, MP5, Frag, Concussion, Martyrdom

1. Sleight of Hand Pro
2. Assassin Pro
3. Stalker Pro

4. Scavenger Pro
5. Blind Eye Pro
6. Blast Shield Pro

This is my main class that I’d use against a team that looks like they could be difficult. Sleight of Hand is essential for a gunfight, quick reload and fast swap for the mp5, Assassin keeps you from being on the radar and Stalker for strafing, I used to use steady aim for fmg9 but rely on it a lot less now I’ve switched up. By the time you’ve got the kills to get specialist 1 you have probably used at least a clip so that’s where scavenger comes in, you don’t want a sentry or a chopper ruining your streak so blind eye and lastly blast shield for the extra defence.


ACR, MP5, Semtex, Concussion

1. Care package
2. Predator
3. Attack Helicopter

Perk 1. Sleight of Hand Pro
Perk 2. Hardline Pro
Perk 3. Stalker Pro

This is the class I’d use for those games against lesser skilled opponents or high kill games, it is a lot more fun and easier to get a good kill death with. Hardline Pro probably being one of the best perk in the game with its amazing 2 assist = 1 kill bonus which adds up easily if you throw those Concussion grenades liberally. Care package keeps you guessing, you will usually get a predator or a sentry but on the occasion you may get a reaper or above, which for only 3 kills is not bad. And if you play domination you can get one just by getting A then B and one kill, which for me happens often.

Drawbacks are when a UAV comes up or you run into a portable radar. However the more you play the more you know about people’s favourite camping spots and can handle it regardless if they know where you’re coming from.


MP7, MP5, Semtex, Concussion


1. Extreme Conditioning Pro
2. Quickdraw Pro
3. Steady Aim Pro

4. Assassin
5. Scavenger
6. Blast Shield Pro

This is the class if I fancy running around a bit, on maps like Bakaara, Outpost, Piazza, Fallen and so on. The maps where it’s a trek to get around. I don’t use it all that much as I prefer to roam rather than camp or rush. But it can work well.

    Anti Air

Any Weapon, Stinger, Semtex, Concussion


1. Blind Eye Pro
2. Hard line Pro
3. Stalker Pro

4. Assassin Pro
5. Sleight of Hand Pro
4. Blast Shield Pro

If you die whilst there’s air support out switch to this, except for UAV as that isn’t that lethal, and can easily switch to a class with Assassin Pro or just carry on as normal. Shoot the air support down and you will instantly get assassin as well as xp for the kill itself, and with specialist a few more caps and/or kills and you are more or less the same situation as a normal specialist class. The stinger is far and away the best launcher, and with Blind Eye Pro it will be down in seconds.

Shooting choppers in games gives massive amounts of xp, both instantly and gradually as you complete several challenges with shooting down aerial support, as well as getting your team into a safer battle field. If ever you are playing against a team that don’t care about shooting aerial support you can see the destruction even an assault helicopter can do, a reaper or above could easily get crab meat in a game, as well as making the difference between a win and a loss.

Here’s a link to my ps3 gamer card for MW3, here you can see what classes I have been using to level and play. When I get to final prestige that’s when I make the effort to fill out all of the classes I use.

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