Liverpool vs Brighton match preview


So the 5th round is here and we are hosting Brighton, in a game that should now be about the football now that the racism thing has been put to bed, hopefully anyway.

I’d call this a big game, it’s arguably the biggest club competition and everyone all around the word watches it so why wouldnt it be a big game, and the 5th round is the business end.

We’re playing well these days even if the results don’t look it and with a cup game I think it’ll change, I reckon we will go for it and ease through like against Oldham. The history of Liverpool and Brighton and the FA Cup are not good, they’ve knocked us out at this stage twice if I remember right, and both at Anfield.

This would be my starting lineup-

1. Reina
2. Kelly
3. Carragher
4. Agger
5. Enrique
6. Spearing
7. Gerrard
8. Bellamy
9. Maxi
10. Suarez
11. Carroll

Good attacking selection, with Suarez and Carroll up front and Bellamy and Maxi being attacking midfield, Gerrard and Spearing enforcing midfield. With this team I think we can defend well but attack ferociously, hopefully.

I think the scoreline will be 3-0 to us, I’m confident Liverpool can get a comfortable lead here, and I hope the atmosphere will good as I have tickets and am in the car en route to Anfield as I type!



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