One step forward and two steps back? My take on the current situation at Liverpool FC


What is going on these days at Liverpool is baffling. The return of ‘King’ Kenny, £105m spend and where are we? 7th in the prem, the league cup and still in the F.A. Cup. Don’t get me wrong I am more than pleased with the cup run, but would this sort of season be good enough for Manchester sides, Arsenal, Chelsea or even Tottenham? No, and it shouldn’t be for us either. We used to be the greatest team in England, winning a trophy at least every other season, then we became a ‘top four’ side and now we aren’t even that. Newcastle, who have only recently come back from the Championship are above us, it’s just not acceptable.

Obviously, all of this started when Kenny left the club in the early 90’s, and we haven’t been the same since. We’ve had some good periods since then as everyone knows, Gérard did the treble, Rafa got the Champions League but no manager since Kenny has won the league and that is the single most important trophy every Liverpool fan would want the club to win.

Kenny Dalglish

There are a lot of sites with managerial comparisons out there but I’m not interested in them, however it is important to look at his current season stats.

Liverpool 8 January 2011 Present P 60 W 29 D 16 L 15 W% 48.33

Not catastrophic by any means but still not that great, either. But he has only just got back to the club with a vastly different side than when he was last here, but worth noting that football as a whole is quite different than what he used to be. Which brings me to my first point, is this just a settling in period for him just like any manager needs? (even Sir Alex needed time to get them where they are now) or is this Kenny out of his depth and completely clued out on the modern game?

My personal opinion is that he needs more time, he is a great manager with a proven track record and massive amounts of respect at the club, time will tell if he really is just out of his depth or if he is just getting started, my faith is in the latter.

He has had a lot of stick for his signings, but are they his misjudgment or the players fault? I’ll take a look individually-

Charlie Adam

He was labelled, laughably, as the replacement for Alonso. He had a good start, and he was looking good but lately as the results dipped, so did he. And as a player in the engine room this is not acceptable, if the midfield is shit, then that severely weakens the forwards chances and gives more work for the defence. When Lucas and Gerrard were injured Spearing had to step in and since he was lacking experience it was up to Adam to try and boss the midfield, but he didn’t.

He just jogs about doing nothing, and I’ve never seen any if these so called ‘million pound free kicks’ . He just looks lazy, not bothered and his tackles are starting to look Scholesesque, without his passing ability. When he started being crap I thought it was an off game, then when they started piling up I just wanted him gone. I can see why Kenny bought him, he did look like a great signing, it just never materialised and I think this one was Charlie’s fault; he just lacks the passion and the drive to be a great player.

At his age there is no room to say he can be better and he can improve, in my opinion if you just aren’t good at this age, you probably are never going to be any good. As you can probably tell, I am not a fan of Charlie Adam at all.

The stats for him speak for themselves, in 9 games he didn’t start we have won 8 and lost 1. Weak link.

Jordan Henderson

In his Sunderland days he was impressive, and looking like a great player in the making. Joining Liverpool, he is still very young and we have seem glimpses of what he can be, but I have also seen how poor he can be as well. It’s probably fair to say that Jordan Henderson has plenty of time left to show his worth.

Stewart Downing

Downing arrived with a pretty hefty price tag, so he was always going to be under scrutiny from the fans; at £20m you can’t blame them. He started not so well, but has slowly been putting in some great shifts as of late. Still has some work to do to justify the price tag though.

Andy Carroll

Full article on Andy Carroll


The cup runs have been great, if we get to the final or even win the FA Cup that would be fantastic, but as we all know, it’s the league we want…

Hopefully this is just a settling in period for King Kenny and a part of our long term plan, unless your Jose Mourinho you don’t just win the league just like that, you need only look at Manchester United and Arsenal to see that, they took their time to get their, but get there they did. Their dominance stems from their stability, although it may look like Kenny is last it, I’m confident that if we give him time, he can restore Liverpool to their rightful place.


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