The defining game of our abysmal season


Let’s be honest, this has been a long, arduous, really shitty, season. We have been plagued with scandals, injuries to key players, poor signings and even poorer results. The only positives have been the Carling Cup win and the occasional big result (Chelsea, United, City and Everton) but what will that mean come end of the season if all we have is the “mickey mouse” cup and a dismal league finish? Nothing, that’s what. United winning another title, no champions league spot and Everton (possibly) above us in the league for only the second time in the Premier Leagues history (and the last time that happened we won the Champions League).

Saturday’s game against Everton is the defining moment, more so as its a derby semi final. We’ve been atrocious this season but we have a chance here to come away with another final appearance and another trophy. We can turn this season around by getting 2 trophies out of the 3 we entered at the start of the season, which is more trophies than any other team in the league this year, even though we probably don’t deserve it. If we play badly but win trophies, I can live with that, and so could most if not all Liverpool fans I’d imagine.

Kennys under pressure, yeah he’s made mistakes, some signings were questionable and the result are not good enough. But this is his first full season, he needs time as with most managers bar Jose Mourinho. Alex Ferguson needed 4 seasons and was about to be sacked before he got the FA Cup and saved his job, and look at him now; the most successfully British manager in history and an almost unequalled record. He has to be fair already won a trophy and he is for the chop, Moyes hasn’t won even a scratch card in his 10 years at Everton and he is a god over there. Arsene Wenger over at Arsenal is another manager who has been allowed time to do his job and they’ve won trophies and have always finished top 4.

More on this in an older blog found here.


I’m not saying we should put all eggs in the the FA Cup basket, but we should be really going for it, we can turn a shit season into a miraculous cup double season and forget about the poor league form and use the success to build on the team further over the summer. Players want to join teams that win trophies, they don’t want to join a team in mid table transition.

The players need to show their worth, this is a big game coming up and we need some big performances, because lets face it, if we get knocked out by the Toffees it would be one of the worst seasons in a long, long time, and the Carling Cup alone would not be enough to ease the pain. The narrow minded fair weather fans would get their way and Kenny could probably get sacked. I don’t know about you, but as a proper fan I want to see Kenny given time as I have full faith in him, it’s some of the players who I don’t have faith in.



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