The diving and refereeing plaguing our game – can it be stopped?


Diving isn’t anything new, Ashley Young was not the first to do it, I remember Jurgen Klinsmann flipping and diving all over the place in the 90s.However, with two consecutive ‘dives’ in succession when the title race is reaching its finale it was always going to be headline news. They were awful, it was a deliberate attempt to get Manchester United the advantage in the games, and they worked. It worked so well that his dive had got the innocent Shaun Derry, the QPR captain, to be sent off and banned for 3 games. A player who is probably instrumental in the R’s relegation fight.

Not only was it a dive, it was offside but I will talk about goal line in another section.

Here is a link to the QPR dive

And here is the link to the Villa dive

The knock on effects of that dive is what really angers me, would United win the league if those hadn’t turned into penalties? Would QPR stay up if Derry was able to play the games he was banned for? These situations are multi million pound scenarios, staying up is lucrative, very lucrative, same goes for winning the league and not winning the league.

I will admit that this blog seems anti-United however it’s a fresh story at the moment and one people are most wanting to discuss. But here is a link to Suarez play acting just to point out that I’m not saying diving is just a United/Young thing.

How can it be stopped?

I think it would be simple. Goal line technology and real time updates, these refs have headsets they must be talking to someone or someone is talking to them. Major incident happening: stop for 30 seconds, view a video, get confirmation from some bloke watching the feed, decision, sorted. It doesn’t bother me if it stops the ‘fluidity’ of the game, it needs to be done. It can stop teams that may or may not be relegated or resulting in the wrong team winning the title. FIFA, UEFA and The FA need to sort themselves out and implement it, because the papers should be about a great result, a great goal or a thrilling game, and not about referees getting it horribly wrong. Enough is enough now.

Would Spurs have made a comeback if this fake goal hadn’t gone in? Who knows. But with goal line tech there would be no doubt at the final whistle.

Do I blame Young for diving?

No, I don’t. He is a player doing what he can to get his team winning, it’s bad taste yes, but I can’t blame him for attempting, just like I didn’t blame Suarez for the handball in the World Cup. However the difference was Suarez got punished, Young didn’t. Would you do anything you could to get your team to win knowing you will get punished? I would. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just using I would do it for my team.

With goal line technology the option to cheat would be there still, but you can get caught and punished, it will deter the cheaters from trying to cheat and all in all, restore a bit of fairness back into the game. Offsides would not be a debate, and phantom goals would no longer be that.




3 thoughts on “The diving and refereeing plaguing our game – can it be stopped?

  1. The problem is the FA, and other international and national football associations that refuse to punish cheaters. If you can punish people for bad words in hindsight, then you definitively should be able to punish bad actions.

    1. I agree. If they know they will (probably) get away with it then they are more likely to do it again. However, Balotelli punished after the event, but other instances people get away with it. How does their selection process work?

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