Twitter – Why I use it, how I use it and why I love it


I have been using Twitter now for a few years and I’ve racked up 6,509 tweets, following 88 people and being followed by 123 at time of writing, which seems like above average on all counts so far and a good following to follower ratio (I’m not a fan of auto follow backs, or following for the sake of getting followers).

When I first started it was just about to take off, back when Ashton Kutcher was #1 and the plague of Beliebers and Directioners hadn’t taken over and the trending list was almost completely relevant. My first tweet was, as far as I remember, the cliché “I’m on twitter!” or “On twitter, not sure how it works” and I’ve been loving it since.

Why I use it

I heard about it first in a lecture at Central Lancashire when a guest graduate gave us a speech abo life post-grad. As he finished his “good luck, there are no jobs out there unless you’re very lucky” he mentioned how a social networking site called Twitter was a revelation for marketers (he wasn’t wrong) and how he used it to share info and communicate with others in the sector and shared his anecdote on how he really wanted to get his hands on some kind of a report once, he tweeted about it, and someone replied with said report. That’s why I started, I didn’t want to miss the boat or be out of the loop of a tool that could be important for me in Marketing.

From then I used it, not like the speaker used it though, I tried. I was doing an essay once and tweeted to ask for some info, got nothing. But I used it nonetheless, at that time I used to use Facebook way too often, posting pointless statuses about things nobody cares. So I just did the same with twitter.

I was following anyone at that time just to get some followers, as I thought that was the key to enjoyment of twitter, but over time I realised it really isn’t. Followers are great, but most of the time they don’t interact with you and/or are twitter robots.

I use it for information, every kind of information that’s relevant to me, after persistent use I’ve now got a very good following list that tweet about all my interests in news stories, videos, pictures, opinions and humour, my following doesn’t contain that many people I know in real life as, to me, that’s for Facebook.

Twitter is for people who update their Facebook a lot


All those people who tweet about how “wrecked” they got last night, what’s for dinner, a rihanna quote that happens to be exactly about their life right now, constant ‘like’ pages, how ill they are… I could go on, I really can’t stand Facebook. On Twitter its almost like a clean slate, everyone’s choice of timelines fit what they want, for me I want to know about the latest video game releases, the latest football news around the world, specific news about Liverpool FC, generally just stuff I want to know about without the rubbish that Facebook gives me day in day out.

If I’m watching football I’m always on twitter, if I see a foul and it wasn’t given I can find out how many other people agree and disagree, I can get in to random discussion with people about what’s just happened, not just football, but anything. And you don’t have to be friends with them either, discuss then leave it at that. No need to be a friend, no need to have to sift through loads of statuses just to find one relevant, nothing. I use it because it is simple, effective and a lot less annoying.

An example of my timeline-


How I use it

I see twitter as something completely interactive and changes all the time, so I use it whether I’m actually tweeting or not all the time on my iOS devices iPhone 4 and iPad 2. If I’m not busy I’ll be on it searching for things I’m thinking about, if I’m playing a game and I’m finding a boss hard I’ll search, see if I’m missing a trick or something, more often than not i will find the answer from someone else who has gone through the same thing and tweeted about it, this is the magic and usefulness of Twitter, other reasons why I tweet as well, so that other people can find it and it could help them.

After being on it for long time I’ve been able to refine my following. If everyone I’d followed we’re never unfollowed followed I’d have well over 1,000. The key for a good timeline is just to keep following people, unfollow if they’re not for you and keep the good ones. And you’ll eventually have a decent group that work well for you, keep doing it regularly to find good ones.

Only recently have I felt that I’ve finally got it right I’d estimate that 80% of my timeline is relevant to me and interesting, I feel like I am in the loop for all my interests be it topics, sport or people. I’ll know about it when it happens. My following has never really gone above, say, 120- so my timeline is never overloaded. When I see profiles out there with 500+ following I can’t help but think they probably skip so many tweets because of the sheer volume of tweets, a bit of a waste i’d say. But everyone’s use on Twitter is different, and this is just an account of my preferred taste and usage.

Here’s just a handful of my particular favourite tweeters-


@MirrorFootball, @606, Opta Joe, Debatable Decisions




Glen Johnson, Lucas, Jimmy Carr, Robbie Fowler, Rio Ferdinand


Lucas Leiva, Jesus, Batman, The Queen, Duchess of Cornwall, Chubby Brown


Ronnie Jones

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