The FA Cup final 2012 – Liverpool vs Chelsea


On Saturday, 5th of May, tens of thousands of Liverpool fans will be making their way to Wembley for the third time in one season. If someone in September of last year read that line and nothing else, what would they say? Probably something along the lines of ‘Wow, this is going to be the best season we’ve had in a long, long time’ probably. In reality, has it been? In my opinion if we win the cup then I’d have to say yes, yes it is.

Winning this cup would mean that upon entering 3 competitions this season, we have won 2 of them. Winning 2 of these would mean entering another 2 next season (Europa League and Community shield (still a trophy)) all in Kenny Dalglish’s first full season at the helm. I’d say that would be a fantastic season and only 2 teams would have had a better season – The Premier League Winners and Chelsea if they overcome Bayern in the Champions League.

Chelsea and Liverpool’s route to the final


Round Opposition Score
3 Oldham Athletic (h) 5–1
4 Manchester United (h) 2–1
5 Brighton & Hove Albion (h) 6–1
6 Stoke City (h) 2–1
SF Everton (n)


3rd Portsmouth (h) 4–0
4th Queens Park Rangers (a) 0–1
5th Birmingham City (h) 1–1
Birmingham City (a) 0–2
6th Leicester City (h) 5–2
SF Tottenham Hotspur (n)

Both haven’t had the toughest route, but I’d say Liverpool’s was marginally harder with a total of 3 Premier League sides and Manchester United being arguably the toughest team you could face in England, however all Liverpool’s games have been at home, but that doesn’t mean much this season with the horrible amount of draws and losses suffered there.


Liverpool last 6

Last 6 matches domestic

Liverpool 0 – 1 Fulham 01/05/2012
Norwich 0 – 3 Liverpool 28/04/2012
Liverpool 0 – 1 W.B.A. 22/04/2012
Blackburn 2 – 3 Liverpool 10/04/2012
Liverpool 1 – 1 Aston Villa 07/04/2012
Newcastle 2 – 0 Liverpool 01/04/2012

Chelsea last 6 domestic

Last 6 matches

Chelsea 0 – 2 Newcastle 02/05/2012
Chelsea 6 – 1 Q.P.R. 29/04/2012
Arsenal 0 – 0 Chelsea 21/04/2012
Fulham 1 – 1 Chelsea 09/04/2012
Chelsea 2 – 1 Wigan 07/04/2012
Aston Villa 2 – 4 Chelsea 31/03/2012

I think it’s fair to say, domestically, both teams aren’t in the best of form, Liverpool having the worst.

Liverpool vs Chelsea: Head to Head

Liverpool Chelsea
Win 13 14
Loss 14 13
Draw 7 7
X Goals per Match 1.1 1.1
League Table 8. 6.

Practically equal, there has been a great rivalry between these two, particularly in the Rafa Benítez era, and the past results definitely show that there’s not much between the two overall.


A lot of people think this is Liverpool’s priority and Chelsea’s afterthought. I can see where they’re coming from but I don’t agree. The FA cup is a major trophy and any team would be proud to win it, yeah they’re in the CL final, still in the scrap for top 4 but it is still one of, if not the, most famous trophy in the world.

But it is Liverpool’s priority definitely.

This will save Liverpool’s season and turn it from a disaster to a massive success.

My prediction is Liverpool to win 2-1 with goals from Gerrard, Lampard and Suarez.

Fingers crossed!



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