The successor to the throne


So Kenny has departed us after a disappointing season, I wasn’t surprised and I definitely haven’t changed my mind about him, he is and always will be a legend. Comments from FSG and Ian Ayre are right, it was never a mistake and he brought balance back to confusing times with the switch in Liverpool owners from Gillette and Hicks to FSG. But it’s time to move on and start winning trophies season after season, and I just didn’t feel Dalglish was the man for that.

There have been rumours about who’s been interviewed and so on, so I will give my opinion on each as to who I would like, and not like, to be the successor to the King’s throne.

Poll at the bottom as well to give your choice!

Rafa Benitez


Well liked and a fan favourite, brought us the 2005 Champions League trophy, exciting signings (I’ll admit some were bad) and our closest finish to the title we’ve had since 1990. And he did this all under H&G’s ownership of Liverpool. Had a dodgy time at Inter but that was always going to happen when you try to fill Mourinho’s space.

Can he do it for us now? With support from FSG Robbie Keane/Gareth Barry scenarios might not happen, he wouldn’t need any time to adjust he knows the club, most players and history.

For me this is my #1 choice.

Verdict – 9/10. Get him now.

Andre Villas-Boas


Famously had a tough time at Chelsea. But was that his own doing on those selfish primadonna bastards referred to as ‘Old Guard’? I’d say the latter. He showed some real balls to drop them, and they didn’t like it and wanted him out, that’s my take on it.

Can he do it for us? He is young, ambitious and has bravery to make decision that may not be right all the time, but he is willing to take the chance. Had good transfer acumen, particularly Mata. With good backing from the board and players I think he could do a decent job here. Shame he already took Torres and Meireles away…

Verdict 7/10 – get him if we can’t get Rafa.

Roberto Martinez


I hope this is a joke. He’s did a great job at Swansea, and a lot say at Wigan. But his win ratios are 50% (Championship) and 26% (Premiership) with them. Yeah I realise they are lower teams with less money but there are others in the same boat and they have better results. Wigan went on an amazing win streak in the late season, but why is no one looking at how poor they were for the other 80%?!.

Maybe he can be one of them managers who needs time, but I’d rather not, thanks.

Verdict – 3/10 – not for me, thanks.

Fabio Capello


Did an OK job at England till they tried to do his job for him and left, and I can’t blame him either. Known as a disciplinarian, has had success domestically abroad. I like him, I like Italian managers and the way they operate, always have strong defensive sides and teamwork.

Can he do it for us? I think he could, has good knowledge of England during his time at Wembley. However may be out of touch with signings and so on from being an international manager, but that’s where the Director of Football comes in!

Verdict 6.5/10 – Needs a good backroom support, but I think it could be a decent move. 3rd choice for me though.

Brendan Rodgers


Don’t know who this tit thinks he is, but managing Liverpool in his dreams maybe. Swansea’s decent season gone to his head obviously. Let’s see how next season goes!

Verdict – Twat

David Moyes


Yeah, seriously. You can blame the stupid Robbie Savage for this suggestion. Possibly the most unlikely suggestion ever.

Verdict – Bluenose


Those are main ones, but there are loads of other, but I don’t see them as very probably. Pardew and Guardiola as examples. But they just won’t happen.

If you know of any others, or want to comment on my opinions feel free to post them on the comments section!



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