Brendan Rodgers – Can he bring back some style to Liverpool, or set us back a few more years?


Now that the media farce is almost over and Liverpool have decided on their man (I hope!) the team, staff and players can at least get to work under Brendan Rodgers and move forward. My last blog was on the successor to the throne and although I could quite easily edit this and not make myself look as silly but I won’t.


I was a fool, I believed the media that he had rejected us, but obviously with all that’s happened the media (as usual) were making a mountain of a molehill, the incorrect mole hill at that. I am also sorry for not making enough research and using the phrase “in your dreams” in there, although I still think the appointment is very ambitious, I didn’t quite realise that he does have credentials past pre Swansea, decent ones too.

What do I think of the appointment?

As said above, ambitious. He certainly has some himself, trained under the Special One at Chelsea, he knows Italian and Spanish like attacking football he could be good, but Liverpool is a big step up from Swansea.

I would have preferred someone with more experience at the top, but how do managers with experience at the top get that in the first place? By being there, and here he is.

I think it’s fair to say everyone enjoyed watching Swansea, the welsh Barcelona, and to be fair in they got some good result with this style of play in their maiden Premier League season. But was this his work? Some believe that Swansea’s style of play and structure is Roberto Martinez’s work when he was there. I don’t think that’s true, but I thought it was worth mentioning. But let’s look at the stats-

As of 30 May 2012[38]
Team From To Matches Won Drawn Lost Win %
Watford 24 November 2008 5 June 2009 32 13 7 12 40.63
Reading 5 June 2009 16 December 2009 23 6 6 11 26.09
Swansea City 16 July 2010 30 May 2012 96 43 20 33 44.79
Liverpool 30 May 2012 present 0 0 0 0 —
Total 151 62 33 56 41.06

Considering the sides they were, in the situation and league they were in these are good stats. Bar Reading. However he has still only managed 151 games, is that the sort of man we want at Liverpool? Again, all I can say about this appointment is it’s ambitious. But I’m glad I support a club who is ran with people with ambition. Without ambition we would just be Everton.

However, this could end in tears again. Maybe not like King Kenny, but more like Roy Hodgson, and I don’t care what you say, Roy Hodgson had never been to a club as big and he was out of his depth. Being a champion of Norway and getting mid table finishes with mid table sides does not make you have the knowledge to manage a top tier Premier League team.

But at least Rodgers tries to play some good football, and that could be the key to his success.

So, what now?

There’s not much I can say here, it doesn’t matter that much what he’s done before only what he is doing from now on. I am going to back him and hope he really can make Liverpool play some quality attacking football, high possession like Swansea. If you match that style with the players we have and players we could get in the summer transfers this could work out really well. As long as he gets two big ingredients that seemed to be lacking in Liverpool’s last 2 managers – fans support and time.


One thought on “Brendan Rodgers – Can he bring back some style to Liverpool, or set us back a few more years?

  1. You discuss what style of football he might adopt and his lack of experience as a manager which is fair. One thing I would add is that the CHIEF quality above all for a ‘top’ premiership side manager (for me) is people management (or ego management maybe). Liverpool maybe doesnt have the same problems of a chelsea or man city in this regard, but Rogers has a certain air about him that seemed to instill respect to him and energize and motivate the players at Swansea. This is something Hodgson lacked in bucketloads (an uninspiring man irrelavant of his tactical nouse couldnt be given a worse job than to manage an England side of Terry et al).

    A dynamic man who’s achievements at Swansea cannot be underestimated. How many managers have led championship sides up to such a succesful first season with such limited resources?

    That is part of the reason I am excited at the prospect of Brendan’s tenure.

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