Sneaky Russians – Can they go the distance?


It’s only been one game, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves… Or should we? Last night against the Czechs the Russians proper hammered (and sickled) them. Relentlessly assaulting their defences like an AK-47, explosive like a Molotov cocktail and strong like a shot of vodka.

I had already tipped them to top the group, even if it’s an easy group as well as the surprise package of the tournament in my euro preview article. A lot of people on twitter afterwards were like “calm down, they won’t get past the semis”. I unfollowed after as the comment was typical of the football fans I don’t like, won’t give credit where credits due. If that was Spain or Germany last night they would have sang their praises all night and all day today.

But they didn’t, because they are Russia, and maybe people aren’t keen because of the Cold War? Because they are a bit dodgy? Well a lot of people are claiming that Cold War still rages on…

Anyway, enough with the Soviet puns (I played a lot of Red Alert as a teenager).

Arshavin played like a player who wants to be transferred, much like he did in 2008, the new rising Tsar (sorry) in Dzagoev, Shirokov, Pav… That’s a lot of big performing players there, enough talent to see anyone on their day.

Like I said before, I had already tipped them, and if that was any popular team last night this coverage would be very different. My only concern for Russia is their defence, they weren’t tested last night. If it comes to a game where they need to defend and pass that test, I wouldn’t be surprised if they won this tournament.



2 thoughts on “Sneaky Russians – Can they go the distance?

  1. I think they will play great, attractive football, but that they will probably be beat in a semi final.

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