England at the Euros – Good results or scraping it through?


Every big tournament England is in I never support them. Not because I’m Welsh but it’s because you never stop hearing about England this, England that, were going to win it, this is what the wags are up to, look at Beckham’s new hair… the list goes on. And it does my head in.

Not this year, the media think they’re shite and aren’t interested, and so I can “enjoy” England games a bit more. That and the 6 Liverpool players thing…

The game against France was good, the goal was quality, more so the Gerrard cross than anything. The performance was OK, good at times, shaky at times. But a 1-1 against France is nothing to be ashamed of. Or is it?

France famously combusted at the last championship and was an embarrassment to not only France but football as a whole. People refer to players as “professionals” but France were not that.

France in Euro 2012 are not fancied, they are not the Platini era France and they are not the Zidane era. They are shadows of their former selves. So for me, the 1-1 against them shows the level England are at, good but not great. And bar Greece that time, it takes a great side to win the European Championship, but that was the first game, maybe they were nervous.

The 3-2 win over Sweden was a great result but a poor performance. Sweden are not a good side by any stretch. Thr first goal was quality, absolute class from the Liverpool lads. Then they fell apart and conceded two stupid goals, Carroll should have known better than to concede such a silly goal, and Glen Johnson was incredibly poor with the second. This was against Sweden, there would have been no mercy from a more attacking side such as Spain or perhaps Germany or even Netherlands if they managed to create a miracle.

Terry was in Ibrahimović’s pocket and was hounded all night, England’s other two goals wrote both flukes in my opinion. First Walcotts shot was middle of the goal, and if the keeper had a better view than that would have been an easy save. The second, well Welbeck didn’t try that did he? I don’t think anyway. I think he tried to control it, didn’t work, and it just went in.

So like the title suggests, did they scrape the 4 points or did they do well? Now that Rooneys back does it matter?

All in all, England must improve because the results are flattering for their performances.



2 thoughts on “England at the Euros – Good results or scraping it through?

    1. Yes it was a great result and hopefully they can beat Ukraine and top the group with goal difference!

      Btw the blog was blank when I published because of the app, but it’s all there now hopefully.

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