The Business End – Euro 2012 Quarter Finals

The group stages are now finally finished. There have been some shocks, some magic moments and some predictability. If you are wondering what they are, I was referring to Greece, England and Germany there.

Now is a chance for me to say “I can’t believe that happened” with Russia going out.

But anyway, this is just a short prediction type blog

Czech Republic vs Portugal

With the Czechs qualifying from arguably the easiest group and suffering the first hammering of the tournaments to Russia I can’t say I rate them much and especially against Portugal who came from the Group of Death, beat the Dutch and got a decent result from Denmark and gave Germany a game.

This has got Portugal all over it, and a landslide if Ronaldo carries on playing like he has been.

Germany vs Greece

Not much to say here, Greece shouldn’t even be at this stage. Germany have been the on form team in the entire tournament with proffessional displays against top sides. Greece have scraped it.

This won’t be a repeat of euro 2004. Germany to go through by a country mile.

Spain vs France

Possibly the highlight of the quarter finals. Spain may not have been in best form but have got results, France have been in better form with poorer results. So I can see both teams with something to prove here. However, Spain have much more quality about them but they will have to play with a striker unlike their game against Sweden. If Torres/Negredo/Llorente haven’t got their shooting boots (or even on the pitch) then I think France could cause a minor shock and go through.

England vs Italy

Another cracking game here, the “new” England vs a not-so-favoured Italy who have still played decent football and got results. This is a tough one to call. Both sides have new faces and experience within, aren’t goal shy and are in form.

But for me Italy lack the grit England have and may lose concentration under the pressure, plus they have Mad Mario. However if he has a Super Mario moment this could be a different story. This is why I’m looking forward so much, because I really can’t call this one as much as I can the others.



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