Fabio Borini – Welcome to LFC


Welcome to Anfield, Fabio Borini!

Brendan Rodgers first signing since becoming manager and again it shows ambition and a clear message that he’s here to stay. Brings yet some more youth towards our growing strike force, and with the departure of the loved duo Dirk Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez, a necessary one.

With a largely untested past, it’s hard to say what he will be like before a game has been played, but he has worked with Rodgers twice before, at Chelsea’s youth side and at loan at Swansea, so Brendan was not guessing with this transfer.

How will he fit in?

There have been a lot of Andy Carroll departure news recently, more so after Borinis transfer, but how can they see Borini as a replacement when we’ve just lost two forwards? Looks obvious to me that Carroll, Borini and Suarez all have a place in the squad, and likely even in the first XI.

I can see Liverpool playing 4-3-3 now with Suarez Carroll and Borini up front, two creative and Carroll up front. This would also stop Adam and Downing playing (hopefully).

All in all, very pleased with the signing and Brendan Rodgers work so far!



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