John Terry, Anton Ferdind and a Choc Ice – Just another day in the Premier League

Racism in English football in 2011/2012 season has been a blight on our game, and a massive stain on the best league in the world.

What started with the Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra saga and now the John Terry/Ferdinands incident.

The whole thing was dealt with inappropriately, it really seemed like a pantomime to me, and quite a bit of Chelsea Vs. everyone else, white vs black, terry vs Ferdinand, where it should have been a case of: Terry made a racist slur towards another player and should be punished, heavily (not £2,500) or Ferdinand falsely accused Terry and should be punished heavily. But it ended up as a draw, but not quite. It seems like Ferdinands reputation has been taken a beating, and Terry walked away free even though the Judge deemed both witnesses as believable.

None of this was necessary, it started with a complaint from a member of the public to Anton Ferdinand being given advice to carry on with this, followed by Rio being an absolute moron trying to fight racism with racism and Referring to Ashley Cole, who was involved in the court case a ‘Choc Ice’.

He defended it by saying it was sarcasm, but it was clearly Rio stating that Ashley was betraying black people to defend a white person. Choc Ice. Black on the outside, white on the inside. Hardly sarcastic and definitely stupid. And racist.

I have no real conclusion to this blog, I just think kicking racism out of football is not happening when these things happen, and if anything it makes it worse.


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