Owning an iPad – 6 months on

I got my 64 GB WiFi and 3G iPad 2 for Christmas of 2011 and I still absolutely love it just as much if not more than I did back then. This is just a blog for me to put out there for people who are thinking of getting one rather than current owners, although current owners may use my recommended apps section handy.

I got my iPad rather than, say, a laptop because I had graduated from University and didn’t really need a PC anymore to do essays and stuff like that. I just needed something to read the news, social media and a casual games. I used to play World of Warcraft, Football Manager and so on but I know use my PS3 for any gaming, so I needed something I can pick up and use anywhere, and since I already had an iPhone 3GS and now a 4 the iPad seemed the obvious choice.

Straight from the box I loved it, first obvious things I did were Facebook, Twitter and set up my email. The interface was so easy to use and looked great, it is so surprising how much you can do on the touch screen when the mouse is taken off you all thanks to great programming on the iOS (5).

I use the iPad everyday and I’ve never missed the laptop. To me, there’s nothing a laptop has over the iPad, even if I wanted to write a long essay (or a blog) the Pages app by apple and the WordPress app are so easy to use and the keyboard is just the right size to do it with ease. I use Daily Mail app for my main news, and I honestly find it easier than the web version, if I need more specific news on sports I use Sky Sports and BBC Sports, for score centres I use Euro Sport. If I wanted to watch telly I’d use BBC iPlayer and the sort. No overheating laptop to have to deal with, and I can take it anywhere in the flat, and I can easily take it out the flat with me as well because of how little it weighs.

Shopping is even more of an ease, the Amazon app is very good but the eBay app is extremely good and I always find it so easy to buy and particularly sell stuff with the iPad.

“There’s an app for that” really is true for me, and they keep coming. There’s an app for my bank, there’s even an app for fantasy football and stumble upon, so I can waste hours on my iPad like I could on the PC, but with more comfort, quicker and easier. I’m nowhere near bored with my iPad and always recommend to my friends and a lot are starting to see the light and see how amazing the iPad is!

Recommended apps:


Sky Sports News
BBC News
FM 2012


TV Catchup
BBC iPlayer
ITV Player
Sky Go (Brilliant)


Angry Birds
Temple Run
Plants vs. Zombies
Words with Friends
Draw Something
Million Pound Drop (Playing live is amazing)
Trenches II


Pages, Numbers and Keynote


TV Guide
Stumble Upon

Social Networking


Best App:

Daily Mail



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