Without the finish “Tiki Taka” is useless – A look at Liverpool’s bad start

It’s been too long since my last blog of any sort, haven’t really had the time to do one with moving to Merseyside as well as starting two new jobs, but I thought I’d make use of the girlfriends new MacBook and do one!

I watched the home game against Gomel and thought it was a quality display of pressure, possession and good finishing at the end of it, but I did leave the stadium thinking although it was a good display, it was expected against opposition of Gomel’s quality and as such it was not a true test, and neither was the Leverkusen’s friendly.

Enter West Brom.

Before I start, I did feel West Brom deserved the 3 points, and should be understood even when I delve into the game.

First of all, as the title suggests, the finishing was non existent; we created enough chances to win the game even while Brom scored 3, it was just not there. The defence was shaky and the sending off and penalties were 50/50, some refs might not have given them, we just had a ref that did, I’m not disputing these decisions at all.

Maybe we just had a bad day at the office, or maybe there is an underlying problem, is Suarez a finisher? is Borini? are they both creators that need someone (like Carroll?) to finish their work? Whatever the answer, it needs to be resolved as this isn’t new, our finishing was appalling last season and I can’t be arsed seeing the upright and post be hit a million times in a game and then losing 1-0 all over again. We have a classic centre forward on the bench in Carroll, maybe he should be allowed to come off the bench finally.

Short blog this, as it’s only been one game and I am going to assume it was just a ‘bad day’ and the real test is coming up next with City at home, a team definitely not lacking in finishers. I have to say I’m not too overly confident in Liverpool for this one, but I’ll still obviously be behind them.



One thought on “Without the finish “Tiki Taka” is useless – A look at Liverpool’s bad start

  1. Still reckon we need a decent finisher. Suarez is a genius and a magician, but in front of goal he just can’t take his chances. One last signing will see us right. Bring on City! YNWA

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