LFC – Disappointment…but what’s changed?

I am getting so sick of saying to people “yeah but we’re playing better” or “well we made enough chances to win” and today at work found myself saying “I would have taken a draw before the game (sunderland)” … what’s happened?

Another year, another manager, more transfers and yet two points in 4 games. Is this good enough? In time will we REALLY start winning and all this tiki-taka stuff come into fruition? We aren’t the only team who have gotten a new manager this season, but they’re not struggling like us (Tottenham and AVB as one example) so why are we?

I will admit I’m starting to feel Brendan Rodgers is out of his depth here, but at the same time I’m thinking that if we had only got that striker all these chances we’ve made may have turned into a few goals. I’m not really sure what I think, I really do like the IDEA of what Brendan Rodgers and I see it from time time, but there’s still something really lacking, maybe in the shape of Andy Carroll, maybe the shape of Clint Dempsey, or maybe even Michael Owen (!) but there’s something missing and Suarez finishing is most of the time non existent, and other than him there really isn’t a finisher.

I am more than prepared to give the team and the manager the time, and they always have my backing, but something really needs to happen soon or even Europa League will be a massive mountain to climb and before long we really are a mid table cup side, if not worse.



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