Resident Evil 6 Review

When I first heard that RE6 was coming out, I wasn’t that excited, Resident Evil 4 was an absolute revelation in video games and there hasn’t been anything near that quality since then. I was disappointed with Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was abysmal and Darkside/Umbrella chronicles were dreadful games. I am a massive Resident Evil fan from the first one in 1996 and I haven’t missed one since, so it wasn’t like I was going to skip one, but Resident Evil 6 was yet another stain on a once great franchise.


First of all, with all that budget, the graphics were nothing different from any game that is released these days, no improvements there. I’m not saying the graphics are bad, they just were nothing special at all. The gameplay and new controls were OK, they were quite handy at times, but frustrating at times; particularly when you wanted to just mix herbs with R2+Square, and instead the character just took a pill instead. Annoying. In RE6 defence, the controls made mercenaries a proper fun experience.

The Story

Garbage. RE5 ruined Wesker, and was more like a Michael Bay film, RE6 went one further and had the story of a B-Movie written by a high non resident evil fan directed by Michael Bay. Too many characters that have never been mentioned before all over the place with no backstory and no personality pissing about with a stupid virus that was almost just like the las plagas but turned into crystals…exactly. No depth, things moved on too quickly, characters were confused but still knew exactly where to go and Capcom still obsessed with Ada Wong. Dreadful.

All in all, if you’re a fan of the old school RE stories this was shit.

Game modes

I’ve been slating it so far, but The Mercenaries is immense, so much fun. The controls actually compliment this, only downside is that 3 maps is just not enough as standard, I realise there are DLC but they should have just been built in.

Negative again though, other than Mercenaries there isn’t really any more modes. Agent Hunt just hasn’t got a point to it.


I don’t like the game, if I wasn’t a Resident Evil fan I wouldn’t buy it, and the game was so disappointing I may not even bother getting RE7 on day 1 and wait for the reviews. I may attempt to get the platinum on this like I did with RE5 but I probably won’t, however I would probably enjoy going back to the Mercenaries from time to time.

If you just wanted a score to look at as an overall, then I’d give the game a 5/10. And I think I’m being kind with that as well.



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