My transition from Windows to OS X

Recently, after being without any type of personal computer and just relying on my iOs devices (iPad, iPhone) to do all my techy stuff I have finally got access to a MacBook Pro and I am absolutely loving it. OS talk aside for now, the machine itself is far superior to any PC I have ever used, from the titanium case, to the crystal clear display all the way to the stunning trackpad. Not even mentioning it makes virtually no noises and no overheating.


I have been a Windows user since I’ve been old enough to use a computer. My first operating system being Windows 3.1 then ’98, XP and 7 as well as having experience on the yet released Windows 8, so I’m not writing this having little experience of Windows. My experience of OS X is lacking though, being my first experience with OS X Cheetah, at that time though it was way over my head and I didn’t get it, but my access was only at Secondary School, and even then it was only less than an hour a week.

I’m now on Mountain Lion and I cannot believe how easy I move to it from Windows for years and years. I’ve lost the start bar,familiar right click, program list but I feel like OS X gives me so much more, the bar at the top has everything I need for the window that’s open, the program bar at the bottom allows me to open the most used programs and the trackpad is so similar to the iPad it’s unbelievable. The one thing that took me the longest to get used to is the command button, but after a few weeks I couldn’t believe how handy it is.

After a few months now I can’t believe I didn’t invest in a Mac sooner, after years and years of seeing my windows based devices be corroded by spyware, malware and viruses no matter how careful I am it’s such a good feeling knowing how much of an investment a Mac device is. It so much more secure than windows so I feel the full power of the core i5 inside, without the overheating of the laptop before this. Something I REALLY don’t miss.

An added bonuses is how much in sync it is with my iOS devices being able to freely move files and documents without any hassle whatsoever.

Im still fairly new to OS X so this was never going to be a long post, but I’m already certain OS X trumps Windows 7, and after being on Windows 8 (only for short while) I’m sure it will continue to be superior. A lot may disagree, or mention the price but in my opinion the overall quality of OS X more than makes up for it, and then some.


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