Rio Ferdinand – Martyr or Moron?

Rio Ferdinand is a stupid twat, an absolute moron. I’m not going to lie, this blog is biased and I just don’t like him. But I am going to explain why.

Just when you think he could not have been more stupid, he does it again. Choc ice, skipping handshakes and now refusing to wear a Kick it Out T-shirt whom are trying (a lot more than he is, clearly) to beat racism.

Let’s take a look at this clowns rap sheet.

1. In September 1997, Ferdinand was convicted of drink-driving
2. 2000, Ferdinand briefly appeared in a sexually explicit video filmed at the Ayia Napa resort in Cyprus along with fellow English footballers Kieron Dyer and Frank Lampard.
3. 2002, during the rape trial of their acquaintance Martin King, Ferdinand and former Leeds colleague Michael Duberry denied allegations that Duberry had molested the woman and Ferdinand had threatened her in the Leeds nightclub Hi-Fi on the night of 22 January, as well as further allegations of scuffling and drunkenness.
5. In September 2003, he missed a drugs test and was banned from competition for eight months from January until September 2004
6. In May 2005, Ferdinand was criticised by the magistrate as he received his fourth ban from driving and a fine of £1,500, after being caught by traffic police “travelling at an average of 105.9 mph (170.4 km/h) over a distance of nearly two miles” on the M6 motorway.
7. During a radio interview on The Chris Moyles Show in October 2006, Ferdinand attracted two listener complaints and criticism from gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell when he called Moyles a faggot, followed by “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m not homophobic”.
8. In 2010 Ferdinand unsuccessfully sued the Sunday Mirror to prevent the publication of a story about an alleged affair with Carly Storey. During the case it was alleged that then England captain Ferdinand had affairs with ten different women.

On average you’d have to say he does something thick every two years, with the actions becoming more and more thick lately, possibly due to age or boredom who knows. My main problem is that he has such a short memory of some of the shit he has done in his time, but he is very quick to judge others and take a martyrs stance, he is very angry at others wronging him, but as you can see from the rap sheet he doesn’t mind wronging other people!

I can understand where he is coming from and what he is trying to do, I just don’t think he is the one to do it, he has a proper shady past, committed a fair few crimes, some such as the speeding and drink driving (Can I mention a normal member of the public would never reach a FOURTH ban?) which could have quite easily resulted in death. And yet with all this Anton Ferdinand stuff he is on his high horse?! I don’t like John Terry, but he was found NOT guilty in a court of law. Should have been the end of it, but no, that’s not how Rio’s brain works.

Then that happened. So that was Rio responding to racism with racism, yeah nice one Rio.

I could go on forever but I’ll leave it now, I think I’ve made my point. Even Alex Ferguson agrees that he’s thick now it seems, and I do hope he does “deal with it”. P45 Would be a good idea.



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