Nicolites Electronic Cigarette Review (video)

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Nicolites are a new breed of cigarette quitting aids, and one of the most popular ones as well, and with good reason. It works in 2 parts, the battery part that produces smoke, made up of water vapor, and the cartomiser which holds the nicotine in a gel state. Together the user can take a pull from it like a real cig, producing smoke and gives you a kick of nicotine, very much like a real smoke.

The reason why I think these gadgets are fantastic is because they get rid of my cravings, feels like I’m having a real smoke, I can do it anywhere and they are much, much cheaper than real cigarettes. A pack of 3 cartomisers are equivalent of 60 cigarettes coming at around £6.80 which is more or less the cost of a typical cheap pack of 20 cigarettes.

This device is a rechargeable one so all you need is the cartomisers and you’re good to go. You can still feel like you’re smoking without the harmful effects of real cigarettes, the two downsides are it does need to be recharge and when it’s flat it doesn’t work and the other is the fact that you aren’t giving up the actual addiction of nicotine. So if you are in the situation that the battery is flat, or you’re out of cartomisers then you are in a bad situation.

However, the cartomisers come in high, medium, low and zero nicotine quantity, so you can slowly come off the nicotine with this device and be able to not only give up smoking but end up giving up the nicotine as well in a much less painful way than cold turkey and will power.

Overall, I can’t recommend these more for people who really want to quit, have failed to quit before or just want to cut down. Give them a try for yourself and let me know how you get on!



3 thoughts on “Nicolites Electronic Cigarette Review (video)

  1. I got the electronic cigarette and this is my second day without a real cigarette , this is very good because i could not go without one for a couple hours before. I truly believe I will not smoke a real one again. and hope I eventually can stop the electronic one too

  2. The ever smoke electronic cigarettes have got almost everything that the smokers require while they are to quit smoking. The best part about the brand is that they provide different kinds of sets, where the contents are also matching up to the experience of the users.

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