Apple October 2012 Event – We’ve got a little more to show you

With the iPhone already having so much fuss this year and the last conference only a month past it was unusual for another conference to be scheduled so soon, but it looks like the “one more thing” has changed from a mention at the end to a whole new event. And they definitely meant it when they said they’ve got some more to show you, as it turned out to be a one of the most impressive apple product shows in recent times.

First of all, the rumours about the iPad mini had gone into overdrive, we knew it was coming, but what we really wanted was to see it in action and it was impressive, the gadget was so thin and lightweight whilst fitting in one hand and on top of that the finish of colour all over makes it stand apart from the large iPad range. The price was also something we were waiting for, it was always going to be cheaper than the iPad, but how much? At £269 it is not cheap, but competitive; I’d say competitive is the best word to describe it. It’s not great, but it’s not too expensive either, and with the iPad 4 coming out it does give a nice alternative to those on a budget that do want to invest in the quality of an Apple product.

The new iPad refresh to me seems like the iPad 3 that should have been, with all the overheating business associated with the 3rd generation it always needed something to replace it like it has. Nothing major here, it’s faster, still has retina and has thunderbolt. Pretty simple unveiling really. I am still more than happy with my iPad 2 and probably won’t be interested in a new iPad till 5th generation at the earliest.

The MacBook Pro 13 inch with retina was also just a catch up to the 15 and 17 models, nothing shocking.

For me, the one that took the show was the new iMac, coming in at 80% thinner, faster, thunderbolt and same price. With being in the shadow of recent years the iMac has been due an upgrade for a while and what an upgrade it is. It is SO thin and really does bring some life back into the desktop scene, something that Apple really want to make a point of; the desktop isn’t dead but an integral part of the digital lifestyle, with the key points here being that it’s faster, thinner and the price hasn’t changed, that’s a sign of a real refresh, same product you’re used to but better and it won’t cost you more than it did before.

What a beautiful device.

In short, this is what Uncrate said about the 2012 iMac.

It’d been awhile since Apple had rolled out a new iMac design — and now we know why. The all-new Apple iMac 2012 ($1,300-$2,000) features an updated design that’s just 5mm thin at the corners and is 40% smaller by volume than its predecessors. It’s powered by quad-core Intel Core i% processors, boasts a completely reengineered display that reduces reflections by 75%, can hold up to 32GB of RAM, and can be configured with the new Fusion Drive storage option that combines 128GB of flash memory with a 1TB or 3TB hard drive to offer most of the speed of an SSD with the vast storage of a standard hard drive. The 21.5-inch model is coming in November, while those wanting the 27-inch model will be waiting ’til December.

And that’s more or less the Apple October event, and I have to say as a whole 2012 and early 2013 does seem like it has been won by Apple. But I would say that being an Apple fan! 😛


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