Game of Thrones (Book) Review

Spoiler free here!

I have finally finished the first book in a Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones! I absolutely loved it, I was more or less hooked from the first page. I’ll admit I only really got interested because there was a lot of fuss going around, but I am so glad I jumped on the band wagon as it has been one of, if not the, best book I have ever read.

The world George R.R. Martin has created really comes alive through the words and his choice of using sort-of-olde-English set in a medieval world with hints of Lord of the Rings inbetween and obviously his own twist on it all. The effort he has made with the map at the start and all the small families, the politics and the battles all comes together and I really did see detailed pictures in my head as I read it.

One of the best parts of the book I found was the use of different perspectives in each chapter. Each chapter with the characters name showing who’s perspective we are about to see makes the reader really get to know each of the important key characters so you get to see all sides of the story, all plot twists and their effects on the world and a bit of insight as to reasons why a character did this or why the character thinks that, so with every start of a chapter your mindset changes and you get into the mood of the character you are about to read about;from the stoic Lord Eddard to the mischievous Arya.

With the first few chapters you get to know each character one by one before you start to feel that something isn’t quite right here and the plot really begins on both sides of the sea and before long you are gripped to find out what will happen next when the Game of Thrones begins. I won’t spoil anything here, so I will leave it there.

In short, this book will really grip you if you are into massive tales set in olden times where there guns are replaced by battlehammers, crime scene investigations are replaced by a ruthless court ruled by the sword and where not all is quite right and there may be things other than warring clans out there to worry about. With big, interesting characters of all ages and personalities are involved where your way of thinking changes from chapter to chapter this will keep you gripped for all 780 pages until you are so gripped you will have already bought the other 5 books because it was THAT good; this is a book worth well more the price.



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