Would have taken a point but gutted we drew – Everton 2 Liverpool 2

Before kick off I was telling my mate how I would take a draw but I think we could lose. I didn’t think we would win this at all based on recent form of both sides and a little bit of gut feeling, I could never have predicted that an absolute classic with a controversial twist was about to happen.

When we got ourselves 2-0 up with 1 good goal and 1 lucky I could not have believe our luck, we had played well and we did deserve the lead at the time, maybe not 2, but 1 at least. However you could tell something bitter was festering in the shape of Sterling and Mirallas, both making tackles they didn’t need to and the pair letting the event get on top of them with their aggression clearly spilling over. Best part of second half was this absolute cheeky celebration though:

Suarez dive celebration

And this absoluteidiot diving after berating Suarez for doing the same, what a wally.

Phil Neville dive

The first half of the first half was won by Liverpool and the second half of the first half by Everton, so going in 2-2 at the break seemed fair for both sides. Hoping Raheem was going to get a dressing down for his behaviour and the same for Mirallas (who was taken off for injury).

Second half was always going to be a less than interesting half after the first one, it was a pretty fair contest slightly in Everton’s favour I’d have to say until this happened:

Suarez offside goal

Was it offside? No. Was it a foul by Coates? Ref didn’t think so. Should it have been a goal then? Yes.

With that in mind, I would have taken a point before kick off and probably thought we deserved the point based on performance but after seeing that goal live, then seeing replays I am gutted that we were robbed from the 3 points. I think both sides played a good game, nasty at some points but not to the point where it ruined the game, the ref had a superb game up until that last decision.

So although I’m gutted now, it’ll pass and these things happen, well played to both sides.

Wish I could say the same thing about Chelsea vs. Man United… oh dear…



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