Racism Scandal Part IV/V – It just gets more and more ridiculous

This was already getting out of hand after Part I – Suarez, Evra, media witch hunt and hypocrisy, Part II – John Terry, Anton Ferdinand and a Choc Ice – Another Day in the Premier League and Part III – Rio Ferdinand – Martyr or Moron? before even all this Clattenburg rubbish and then this plonker gets himself all over the news.

Is it just me or is this just stupid now? A bit of bandwagoning really. I’m not saying racism is ok, far from it, but surely racism isn’t new and isn’t really that shocking? We’ve all heard about the ‘race card’ and I’m starting to get the feeling a lot of that is being waved around now. And I’m really sick of it, I want to enjoy my football and I don’t want these racists glorified-

If someone makes a racial remark and it’s reported, punish them and do it quickly, quietly and without any media nonsense. When Liverpool lost to United 2-1 does anyone remember the game? Or just the scandal, I actually can’t. The QPR-Chelsea game… anyone? The United Chelsea game? Nope, just remember the red cards and the scandal now. That’s not how it should be.

If you read this thinking I’m ok with racism in football think again, I’m just sick of the way it’s handled in the media and the uneven punishments dished out.

Racism in games should be stopped and the game shouldn’t be sacrificed, like the slogan goes “Kick racism out football”. Sack the racists so they can’t play then their “comebacks” won’t be glorified and people won’t be tuning in to see if they shake hands and instead tuning in to see a game of football.


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