Luis Suarez – The Magician

Love him or hate him, he is an absolute top drawer player and someone who can turn any boring game alive with his almost impossible skill work rate and sometimes…controversy. Last season he could have changed our season (Well, he did, but not in the way he probably wanted to) if he hadn’t been banned. This season he is single handedly making us from a poor team into an alright team. It’s fair to say he doesn’t get the best ammunition up there, and arguably he isn’t even meant to be the ‘striker’ and yet there he is, scoring game by game it seems creating chances from nowhere and scoring mesmerising goals, particularly that peach against Newcastle.

My thinking at the moment is that he is the only stand out player we have this season, he would be accompanied by Sterling if it wasn’t for his inconsistent displays, then again he is 17…anyway, back to Suarez; the best player we have followed by Joe Allen (See Joe Allen article) by a country mile.

Is it enough for the season? No. Is he too good for Liverpool? Yes, absolutely, he is worlds away from everyone else in the squad and if we don’t start signing some other world class players like him then he won’t be with us for too long, like Torres, Meireles, Alonso, Mascherano…list goes on.

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to watch him for now so I’ll focus on that, but I would put a bet on it that a few clubs are going to sniffing around if we keep playing the way we do and finish mid table again.



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