Three Customer Service

…is absolute dog shit, it an absolute disgrace.

Signing Up

I got my contract with Three last year because they were £1 cheaper a month for the iPhone 4 at the time and it’s up there with some of my worst decisions ever. I was living in Bangor at the time and my signal was O.K. but i used wifi a lot so it didn’t bother me, but if i was out and about and wanting to watch Sky Go it let me down, I just couldn’t use it properly, if I lost the 3G I couldn’t use my phone as there is no cellular or Edge, I’d really messed up with this one.

When I took the contract out I specifically said that I wanted to lower my tariff half way through and it was a deal breaker- the advisor said of course I could do that, so I was happy to do that. in January they increased the price without telling me and not only that but banned lowering a tariff. I had been told I could and I couldn’t believe they lied to me like that.

Current Situation

Now I live in St. Helens I have lost about 70% of my signal, at home I have 3 bars max and calls cut off for me- I was on a call to the HMRC which was an important one and it cuts off, even worse is when I speak to the customer service it will actually cut off at least once in the call. At work in Warrington I’m lucky to have 1 bar, and that’s not a lie. I can’t use my phone at work more or less, somewhere I spend 8 hours a day. To me, this is unacceptable and I’m not getting the service I signed up for, it’s disgraceful.

The Call Centres

Possibly the worst part of the whole mess – the indian call centres. Why do they do it? I explain my situation to them and they always repeat themselves, they check the signal and tell me it’s “great” in my areas and I’m telling them it’s not. They make me go through the whole process of settings, sim card…zzz… I used to work in o2 so I’ve got a decent grasp of these situations but when I speak to them they just don’t get me, they don’t understand when I speak and I certainly don’t fully understand them. If I’m in Britain, then surely I should be allowed to speak to someone from Britain or who has an excellent grasp of English. Instead I say a whole sentence and they can understand a half of it at best and they are properly wind me up.

I’ve explained the whole situation and they do nothing to help me, they say the signal is great I tell them it’s not, I tell them I’m not getting a service they say… nothing. They actually say nothing about that. I explain I’ve brought this all up in July, paid all bills during the problem and that I’ve been very patient and they do nothing at all. I tell them I just want my contract ended because I’m not getting a service and I’m paying for nothing and nothing happens, because they just don’t understand what I’m saying, my situation and my needs, and how could they, all the fucking way in India?!

I’ve worked for o2 so I’ve got some experience of both sides of a phone contract and I can assure you Three are nowhere near the standard they should be I can’t believe they are still running when they are so poor it’s unbelievable.

Worst customer service, worst service, worst everything.

If you ever want to get a phone and a network, don’t make it Three, anywhere else but Three. I’m trapped with them now till the end date unless I go Ofcom which is something I really don’t want to do, I work 40 hours a week and I haven’t the time nor do I want the stress of it. All I want is for them to understand what is happening properly. They’ve said as well that if I send back my phone I can terminate the contract for me to end up with having spent £400 and nothing to show for it except this blog post and a lot of stress, I don’t think so. The other alternative was for me to pay £150 and keep the phone and contract ended. I just don’t feel like I should pay THEM for the nightmare to end.


Don’t join Three, their prices are cheap for a reason. And the fact that they are consistently lowest on the customer service survey speaks volumes.

Atrocious company, woeful services, avoid.


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