El Pistolero does it again – Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

It was an absolute blockbuster game on paper before kick off and it didn’t disappointing. Before the game I fancied our chances, we have a voodoo over Chelsea at Stamford and I thought we could pull something off here, again like the Everton game I would have been happy with a draw before kick off and unlike the Everton game I left feeling a draw was a good result and overall happy with a point but very pleased with the performance.

Both sides from the whistle were going for it, counter attacks, dirty tackles, banter in the crowd and Torres…lol. It was heart in mouth, edge of your seat stuff, a great game to watch after the cracker that was City v Tottenham before it making it a proper Super Sunday.

First half we were poor with Chelsea winning that midfield battle today, particularly pointing out how much of a bad day Joe Allen was having (Stark contrast to my blog on him). We were lucky to go in to half time being only 1-0 down in all honesty, the 5 man defence was not working out and Carragher was rusty, the one positive was Enrique in the defence.

The second half we were much better, creating more chances but the final ball still letting us down, with our lack of attacking players really showing. However, we showed some major determination and we were really having a go here, grafting out chances and some desperate defending and it reaped rewards when Carragher (!) got on to a header to set up the Suarez equaliser. Quite often our saviour and once again he showed why the Liverpool fans why we love him so much.

All in all, a great game for neutrals and perhaps the majority of Liverpool fans but not Chelsea. Chelsea lost an opportunity to gain 3 points today whilst Liverpool worked hard for 1. Keep playing like this, get more attacking options, sew up that defenceand 1 points will soon be turning into 3’s and we’ll be climbing up that table. This is work in progress with Brendan Rodgers and you can really start to see it.






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