Liverpool 3 Wigan 0 – Suarez was brilliant but Enrique was phenomenal



I was at Anfield for this classic and like the title suggests Enrique was my man of the match. Luis Suarez, Joe Allen, Sterling, Henderson were fantastic but no one on that pitch compared to Enrique in my eyes, he played an extraordinary match unlike anything we’ve seen since…last week. Yep, it looks like Enriques Newcastle form may have finally come back to him.

First 45 mins were a dull affair for everyone, it was a 0-0 waiting to happen. There really is nothing more to say about the first half.

Second half was a different matter and Enrique was unplayable for Wigan, he was all over the pitch tracking back, linking up with other players, storming runs and even a goal. He absolutely bossed the pitch today, which was helped by his strange positioning, it looked to me like he was a striker and yet a minute later you’d see him winning  a ball in defence and a bit later doing some inappropriate flick in midfield.

All in all, it was a fantastic performance and result from the Reds, I couldn’t really fault any of the players but Enrique, to me, pipped it to the post of man of the match. I hope Match of the Day later realised what I saw today!

Also, sorry to Ben Watson who broke his leg today, it didn’t look bad when I saw it and I did Boo, but I obviously didn’t think it looked serious and I was wrong. Sorry, hope for a speedy recovery.





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