Mansfield 1 Liverpool 2 – Suarez cheating? Give us a break (Video)


First off, it was a good game to watch, a classic F.A. Cup match against minnows where everyone was hoping for a shock result from a plucky side (who always seem if they tried this hard in their league maybe they’d get somewhere?) but expecting Liverpool to go through.

First half we were all over them and Sturridge got himself onto the scoresheet which was fantastic to see. It wasn’t the best goal in the world but he has been lacking first team games and you always want to see your striker(s) score in any way possible. Mansfield slowly crept into the game and it was a bit nervy for a while but eventually we got the second goal against the run of play.

It went off Suarez hand and you can clearly see it was handball, Suarez paused after waiting for the ref to do something (and the linesmen) but they didn’t, then he celebrated. He played to the whistle like any player should and took the goal, which any player would. Commentators on ESPN then start piping up and say we don’t need that in the game and that he is a cheat! Who do they think they are?

It was a handball, he played to the whistle, he kissed his arm because THAT’S WHAT HE DOES and he is only vilified because he is Suarez and it’s easy to do so. Mansfield manager of all people understood what happened and said that if it happened the other way around that they’d have taken it.

So in conclusion, this has only been blown up because of who he is and anyone with a bit of sense can see that he isn’t a cheat and that anyone would have done the same for their club.


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