That old debate of Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo (Video)


First of all congratulations to Lionel Messi on his fourth Ballon D’or. Well deserved, well the three of them deserved it but who deserved it more? Cristiano Ronaldo, that’s who.

Video version can be found –

Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of both, I think they are both world class players and we are lucky to be a part of an era where we have two players of this class at the same time, but isn’t it a bit boring that he always wins? Is he a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo individually, which this contest is meant to award? In my opinion no, I think Cristiano Ronaldo is by far a better individual player which is why it really annoys me that he has never won this prestigious award, what more does he need to do to win this, sure Messi has broken this record and that record but surely he did this part because of arguably the greatest team in the generation playing behind him and his own ability rather than just him.

Ronaldo has done this at three leagues, three big clubs and has broken records with them all. Three different leagues and he has adapted and dominated at them all and a lot of the time on his own. The only stat I can really think of that Messi is clearly better is team work, that can’t be argued but free kicks? Ronaldo. Strength? Ronaldo. Speed? Ronaldo. Shooting? Quite close, but still, Ronaldo. Ronaldo, in my opinion, is a better player. But there are other factors involved. Who does the public like? Messi. Who’s team has won most silverware? Messi. Who do people think is just a downright nice guy? Messi. I think those latter stats are really what swings the vote, you can really score as many goals as you like with Barcelona, let’s be honest even I could score the occasional goal with the quality of the service Messi gets but I couldn’t score a thunderous thirty yarder with no run up like Ronaldo can. (I’m not claiming to be Messi or that he is anything less than world class by the way).

This is all pro-Ronaldo, I know, but please don’t get me wrong I think Messi is unreal and did deserve to win the Ballon D’or after an exceptional year.


I’m sure one day he’ll win it, and I’m sure losing like this is what will spur him on to be better and better, but I do really think he deserves to win this competition over Messi. I really do. Seems like Luis Suarez has as much chance to win than he does.

Cheer up Ron.

For the video edition of this blog please go to –


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