New Venture – YouTube (Video)


As regular readers may have noticed I have now ventured into the world of YouTube video blogging, currently there are two channels.

Click me to watch the video edition.

Liverpool Blog and Regular Blog.

I have to say, it’s a lot of fun and a fair more people are watching me ramble on than I thought, and to be honest it feels great to be able to just put my thoughts out there for the world to see, and a bit brave as well I think. Not a lot of people like doing things publicly, and neither do I really, so I’m quite happy with the way things are going. Content wise I’m not struggling, at the moment I write the blogs on here first and then do the video blog; so when it comes to knowing what to talk about it’s already there for me and it’s “rehearsed”. Topics I’ve done already are…Liverpool F.C. and football which is easy as they are always on, so this one is the first non football related blog.

Now, what I am struggling with and taking the fun out of it is the whole video editing business, I use iMovie on the mac and a lot of the tools are already there, but when I start to watch other video blogs I am always scratching my head and thinking “How did they do that?” and start to be a little deflated as theirs look so good and professional and mine just look crap, to be honest. So, that does take a lot of the fun out of it at the moment. However, a target I set for myself is to add something new to every video, I started with transitions, text, annotations, intro and text over picture so although the videos are still quite primitive I am still learning a lot as I go along which does put the fun back into what I am doing.

So, anyway, if you’ve noticed these videos before, great! Thanks for watching, for everyone else maybe now you can put a face and voice to the text and for others just a reason to laugh at me!


For the video edition click here.


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