Suarez controversy…again. Admits to diving against Stoke (Video)

Luis Suárez


Video edition can be seen at –

So he’s done it again and caused quite a stir by admitting to diving against Stoke in October. Suarez told Argentinian media on Wednesday that: “I was accused of falling inside the box in a match and it’s true I did it that time, because we were drawing against Stoke at home and we needed anything to win it. Not the cleverest thing in the world to do, granted, but still – he’s admitted he has cheated and has been vilified for it. Criticised for doing it and for admitting it. Ok, so it’s pretty obvious he dived. Check this video to see the dive. Shocking dive as you can see there, quite funny how bad the effort was.

However, the point here isn’t that he dived, we KNOW he dived, but why are the media getting on his back again for being honest? Did they prefer him before he told the truth? Of course not, because as we all know Luis Suarez can’t do anything right in the eyes of the media, especially the pro-Manchester United Daily Mail. Punish him for the dive, maybe, but don’t punish him for being honest.

But Brendan Rodgers has a point, this should have probably been dealt with in-house. He should have spoken to him first as this does but the club in a difficult situation after defending him for what has emerged to be cheating, he should have spoken to Brendan Rodgers saying he wanted to come clean in the media, he may have done it anyway, but at least there wouldn’t have been a shock of finding out in the news afterwards. That’s all he did wrong really (Yes I know the dive was wrong).

More to the point, will Ashley Young, Drogba and all the other “divers” come out and be honest? No. Will Suarez be hated even more for being honest? Yes. Because he is Luis Suarez, and he sells papers.

Quote from Sreedo says it all “Not sure this is even a story. Neville admitted that he had dived during the derby game, and we all laughed it off as a sad attempt at simulation. Suarez admits to a dive and everyone jumps on his back.”

Remember that Phil Neville dive?

Anyway, long live Suarez, the most entertaining player to play in the premier league by a country mile.




The video edition can be seen at


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