My top 5 iPad games (video)

ipad-racing game

For the video edition see here –

I’ve had my iPad for a while now and I really love my gaming on it, so here’s my top 5 of my favourite game for this marvellous gadget.

#5 Bloons TD 5


Bloons TD 5 is a fun, addictive, colourful and at times, difficult, tower defines game. A game I originally found on Ninjakiwi’s site as a flash game and couldn’t get enough. It has all the elements of a classic TD game and more, with loads of towers, levels and a few modes this will guarantee to waste hours of your time as you aim to stop those bloons from getting to the end. Recommended for those strategy or tower defence nuts out there.

#4 Football Managers 2012


If you’ve ever played the desktop version, you know what this is about. Football Manager 2012 handheld is a must for any football fan, it’s fast, powerful and has a great interface. Lacks a lot of the more technical details of the full version and has a hefty price (4.99) but if you love FM and your iPad this is a must!

#3 Temple Run


Fun, FREE, addictive. Took the app store by storm and dominated the charts since it came out. It was simple, avoid the gorillas or whatever they were and don’t fall. With a bit of depth and a free price tag this was always going to be in the top 5. The sequel is out now as well, which is free!

#2 Sonic Jump


Sonic Jump. Brilliant, brilliant platform which was made free with the 12 days of christmas iTunes offer. Gorgeous graphics, great sound and addictive gameplay makes this an absolute cracker. Original use of the sonic brand with loads of end game content to keep you busy, extremely frustrating at times but that’s what keeps you going back for more!

#1 Plants Vs. Zombies


Quite simply an astonishing game. Same amount of content as a fully fledged console game, and one of the best looking graphics on the iPad, this game is great, strategic and funny. Who would have ever thought of plants defending a house against zombies? Whoever it was is a genius as this game really has set a benchmark along with Angry Birds (not a big fan) as what you need to do to make a truly great iPad game.

Hope you enjoy my list and check out the video edition!


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