Monday Night Football – Part of the Game or Money Spinner?



As discussed on my YouTube channel here –

Monday night football, great for viewers but what about the travelling fans? Having to set off straight from work, often for long journeys, to watch their team and probably not get home to till the early hours? Is that fair? Why do they do it?

Money. Obviously clubs get money for televised matches but are there some unfair games being put on monday which could otherwise have been a saturday or a sunday? Let’s take a look –





As you can quite clearly see it is horrendously unfair. All these matches are monday night games in chronological order and you can see TV rights tend to pick two far away times to play on monday every single time, almost. How fair is that? West Brom and Villa played this weekend whilst Evertonians had to go to Southampton. Couldn’t they have switched it around for the fans?

The stats also show teams seem to repeat, Newcastle for example, the away team in 3 games totalling over 1,000 miles of total travel in the games. How is that fair? Reading, for example, don’t even feature once. So why does Newcastle always get the brunt of it?


I don’t need to go on and on, those stats speak for themselves. I go into more depth on the video blog for those who want to see more on this-

For all those travelling MNF, we salute you.




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