Farewell to the Mad King as the Premier League loses one of it’s best entertainers (Video)


Anyone else gutted he’s gone? Well, I am. He was brilliant to watch on and off the pitch with his fairly juvenile, but funny antics. With such a prodigal talent and a short fuse he was always going to be a big fan of the press who must have stalked him 24/7 just to see what he would do next, and not to let them down, he always managed to do something next that wasn’t quite normal.

He’s done the crazy and the sublime with some of his goals and celebrations, then he would go and ruin it all by doing something stupid like…the bib incident, why always me? The trick shot fail.

But overall he brought more to the game than he took away from it, and still at his very young age I’m almost certain this won’t be the last of ‘Mad’ Mario, and if the last world cup is anything to go by then the next one will be a cracker!

So, farewell Mario, I hope if you ever make a return to the Premier League it’s for us and you’ve calmed down a bit!




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