Oh, Pepe! Manchester City 2 Liverpool 2 (video)


Another cracking game with a familiar feeling at the end of it, we could have, should have, would have won if not for one individual error where otherwise it was a fantastic performance.

Bit of a cagey start and both sets of defenders being nervous but the inevitable was always going to happen and Džeko score the opener with a bread and butter strikers finish. Liverpool were still the team on top and finally got rewards for good play when Sturridge hit a thunderbolt on the 29 minute mark to carry on his impressive form at Liverpool.

Both teams were threatening but it did look like Liverpool were more so with good string of passes and decent possession. Gerrard then scored a belter before Agüero scored the final goal of the game after a massive misjudgement from Pepe Reina which cost us 3 points on an otherwise brilliant performance.

I seem to say it again and again these days, but Brendan Rodgers work at Liverpool is showing real signs of a strong team emerging here and the attacking power we have is really starting to become a real threat to any team as seen against United, Arsenal and now City. Sturridge and Suarez have shown themselves to be a fantastic partnership which seems to have allowed Gerrard a bit more freedom and even he is starting to recapture the form of old.

It was all just unfortunate that Pepe made that error as he was fantastic for the rest of the match.

Manchester City are in serious danger now of losing the title (something I think they already have) and losing the ‘Fortress’ tag that Etihad seemed to have, based on today’s performance they are a shadow of the side that won the league last season. Maybe because Kompany was missing or maybe winning the title has caused them to lose focus, but if they don’t do something soon they will be trophy less this season and serious questions asked about Roberto Mancini’s role at the club.

Anyway, roll on West Brom at Anfield!




2 thoughts on “Oh, Pepe! Manchester City 2 Liverpool 2 (video)

  1. Yeah, Etihad has lost the Fortress tag. Losing against Manchester United, it was a good chance. Losing/ drawing against Liverpool, that was fairly possible too. But what they did against QPR was unexpected!
    Today’s match was fun to watch!
    *That rare moment when a United fan cheers for Liverpool*

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