Man City – Have they got second season syndrome? (video)



After the loss to Southampton this weekend it would appear so. They are now 9 points adrift with United yet to play this weeks game against Everton, win that and it seems that a 12 point gap, in City’s form, will be impossible to catch.

But what has happened to City? Last season was the most dramatic end to a Premier League season I have ever seen, and although incredibly close at the end City did seem to be the better side throughout the season. However, this season they do not possess that title winning mentality needed to win back to back titles, a feat only achieved by United and Chelsea, with United winning back to back more than once. So, is that what they lack that United possess? Every time another team wins the league United are always right back in it the next season, only once have they not done that when Chelsea won in 2004 and 2005.

Arsenal, Blackburn and Chelsea (other than ’04 and ’05) have won but not retained it again. So it’s not something that’s never happened before.

City’s lavish spending seems to have stopped with no real marquee signings in the same league as Agüero or Yaya Toure this season, it is almost as if they thought that a team that has won the league doesn’t need to be improved…a point that has clearly lost them this years title.

Or perhaps that they thought winning the league again was a given now that they’ve done it the once? All of these reasons, to me, are why Manchester City are now out of the race to win the league and the title will be going to red half of Manchester. I’m a Liverpool fan and as painful as it is to admit, Manchester United are Champions and City are not. Not this season, at least.



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