Tesco Horsemeat Scandal – It’s not the end of the world



So the Tesco horsemeat is now well under way and has gripped the nation, but seriously, is it that bad? Yes of course it’s not nice to find a hoof in you bap but it’s not like you’ve been shot in the face or shat in the mouth, it’s just a bit of mystery meat? Have you ever looked at a Doner kebab and fully understood what’s in that? So the jokes are all running a bit dry now and a bit boring, Tesco made a mistake (a bad one) but really, people need to get a grip a bit and stop pretending they’ve been punched in the face.

However, on a serious note for a bit, if they really have cut corners here, where else have they? What other products are there that probably contain something that isn’t really on the contents list? I’ve had some cheap coffee from there a few times and have honestly thought it tasted like hot dogs. Maybe I really wasn’t paranoid, and besides… what’s really in their hot dogs?!

Tesco fucked up getting cheap suppliers to make their products, one mistake, the suppliers presumably cut costs and thought they could sneak in the horse meat, presumably, second mistake. It’s not the worst meat in the world (I don’t eat horse meat) it’s not like they’ve put Unicorns in there or a human.

Chill out, calm down, cancel the irrigation bowel treatment, there have been worse stuff to happen in Tesco… just check out those World Food’s aisle or even those microwavable doner kebabs.

And if you really want to see some proper meat paranoia…


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