The Liverpool “transitional” period – Is it just an excuse?


The famous Liverpool transitional period is quickly becoming a right bore fest. How many times do we need to hear that we are in it after a loss until even the interviewer will tell Rodgers to bore off? We are in much the same position as we were when we had Lenny Dalglish, we’ve made some more signings but nothing seems to change? Who cares if it looks like we’re playing good football but are doing shit results wise? I’d rather play shit football and win really, and if you don’t you are an idiot in my opinion.

Kenny Dalglish made mistakes, granted, and was sacked. Now isn’t Brendan Rodgers more or less doing the same yet less obvious as he doesn’t have scandal always surrounding him? Are the Rodgers signings performing any different to the Dalglish “flops”?

Ask yourself, are you happy with Liverpool F.C. right now? Do you honestly think this transition period will bear fruit of success?

When will we start accepting that maybe this isn’t working with these players, or their hearts aren’t in it, or god forbid, Brendan Rodgers isn’t all he’s cracked up to be? Personally, I’m not having so much fun these days watching two back to back 2-0 losses only to hear and say “we should have won” or “TRANSITIONAL PERIOD”. If we are going to get anywhere we need to start targeting the weaknesses and do something now, not “He’ll be great when he’s 24” when he’s only 17! Who can say they can wait 7 years for something that isn’t that certain when we’ve been doing it for the last 10?! Not me.

I’m tired of this horrendous defeats, i’m tired of the excuses and I’m tired of the transition period. Just look over at Manchester United and how they’ve recycled the team over and over again and still remain successful, that’s something we need to aspire to, get that Champion mentality and finally get back to the quality that we used to have. It’s a cliché, but our players, staff, fans and everyone need to look at our history and realise that it will be forgotten and irrelevant if we don’t stop fucking about.

Rant over,



One thought on “The Liverpool “transitional” period – Is it just an excuse?

  1. Hey, I agree with you that it can get boring but to me, the Delgish period seemed like he was living in the past… Rodgers era has brought with itself a hope for the future.. I know some players have yet to meet their potential but there performances have left me optimistic… The good wins are really good and the bad are really bad… this was the same with Delgish.

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