Liverpool 3 Zenit St. Petersburg 1 – Guts but no glory (video)

Reaction of Jamie Carragher after the Hulk opener.
Reaction of Jamie Carragher after the Hulk opener.

So we are now out of the Europa League following the 3-1 defeat and the hands of Zenit St. Petersburg. After a poor first leg loss of 2-0 in Russia, it was always going to be an uphill battle, but we showed some guts and became only 1 goal away from a great comeback but it was not to be. Simply said, we lost it in Russia and had too much to do at Anfield.

It was a cracker of a tie with some stunning goals from Suarez but a mistake by the in form Jamie Carragher made a hard task just a little but too hard, just to reiterate, I feel mistake or not, we lost the tie at Russia. Zenit didn’t really show up at Anfield and faded quickly once it was 2-1, and in fairness we should have won the game at least 4-1 if not for some incredible saves from Malafeev, as for Hulk…other than the goal he wasn’t involved at all, a lot of hype around and him and I felt that once he chased the rouble he was never going to be player he was during his time at Porto.

It was definitely good to see some fight from our players though, showing that if we want to win badly we can perform well and score. Hopefully they can carry that kind of momentum in the league for the rest of the season, we are definitely capable of it after Thursday nights performance.

The Premier League is the only competition we are in now and that is out of our hands leaving us with no chance of silverware and a tough challenge ahead if we are to be in Europe next year, hopefully the Europa League is a blessing in disguise and we can get some good performances in the league and finish 5th, 4th if we do what Brendan Rodgers thinks we can, but I think that may be a bit of an exaggeration if we look at what we’ve done up to this point, really.




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