Luis Suarez should be PFA Player of the Year because… (video + poll)


Because he has been unreal this season, quite simply the player of the year in the Premier League this season.

Stats of Suarez, van Persie and Gareth Bale:

  • Suarez Games 27 Goals 21 Assists 4
  • van Persie Games 28 Goals 19 Assists 8
  • Bale Games 24 Goals 15 Assists 1

Statistically, it’s quite close. Suarez has the goals, van Persie the assists and Bale is the midfielder so it is weighted against him. However, what edges Suarez in this regard is the team he has behind him. It’s no secret that Manchester United have a strong side this season and it’s arguably easier to play better in a better team, when the service is better and overall standard is higher. Liverpool are mid table and yet Suarez manages those stats, and if you watched Liverpool play regularly you always get the feeling that Suarez is the only one in the team and creates a lot of his goals on his own, Bale the other who is much like that.

As for Michu, he is still a contender but with such a barren spell after a thunderous start I don’t think he is in the running anymore, consitency really is one the keys between a good player and great player, and unfortunately he is the good category for me. Could sneak back in if we recaptures the form of old for the rest of the season though.

I’ll admit that this is a little biased because I do watch more Liverpool games than Manchester United or Spurs, but on this occasion I believe he should win this despite allegiances, it’s one of them things that just seem so obvious that you’d be a fool to miss it, really.

Other factors are outside of football – van Persie and Bale have been playing in the League and living in the country for a while and don’t need to adapt to the lifestyle pressures and more importantly; the media. Suarez is new to England and the Premier League and still manages the performances consistently, the media hate him, opposing fans hate him, you may hate him, but ask yourself this, would you want him in the team if you could have had him before the controversies? Yes. I’d still want him even with the controversies, he is just THAT good.

To conclude, for me Suarez is the Player of the Year because he has been scoring consistently, playing brilliantly on an individual and team scale, is playing under the most difficult circumstances, hasn’t got as good team behind him and on top of all else has the most unique and entertaining style of all the main contenders

So ask yourself, who’s worked the hardest for this, who has performed day in day out despite most of the country against you, who DESERVES some recognition for what he’s done for football?


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