Liverpool 3 Tottenham 2 – Poor performance and 3 points? That’s a first! (video)


What a roller coaster of a game, end to end stuff throughout. A definite game for neutrals, but an incredible result for Liverpool, and it will have left a bad taste in the mouth for Tottenham.

Up until the first goal from Suarez (great finish) it was all Liverpool but soon after and definite after the equaliser it was Tottenham in the ascendancy and Gareth Bale was a definite threat and it really didn’t look like Agger and Carragher could handle him at times, he was involved in both goals from Vertonghen and was a nightmare but we hung in there and didn’t take too much damage.

Both of our goals after were gifts, a defensive calamity and a penalty but it was just enough to give us the win. Not the prettiest, but a win nonetheless. One of the busiest areas was the centre of the pitch and Gerrard was the only one who did decently, Lucas’s passing was atrocious today and his tackles seem to be, at times, guesswork. Coutinho, on the other hand was trying hard, but more often than not a dribble should have been a pass, and a pass a dribble and so on, his decision making was not on par with his work rate.

Up front it was a little better, both Suarez and Sturridge had a decent game but the Spurs defence was definitely switched on, particularly Vertonghen, and apart from Liverpool’s second goal they didn’t have too bad of an afternoon.

We didn’t play particularly well but we won a game, something we haven’t been able to do for quite a while now, and that to me was the best thing about the win; we can already win when playing well but if we aren’t playing well we lose, if that changes we can be a real force in the league.

And we’re above Everton.




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