Justin Bieber suffers a meltdown, but was it coming? (video)

Bieber lashes out at the camera men
Bieber lashes out at the camera men

So Bieber lost it recently while on his UK tour. First by being 2 hours late then lashing out ridiculously at the press. Is it him being a spoilt brat? Unable to handle the fame? Both? I’m going for the latter.

I think it’s ridiculous to expect someone going from nothing to mega famous over night to be normal, on top of that, being shifted from normality to celebrity caused him to unable to have a normal life and to get proper social skills like the rest of us, and that’s why I think he acted the way he did.

I’m not condoning what he did, being 2 hours late for his fans when they’re the ones who put him where he is is not on, but you can sort of see why he is a bit of a twat. Maybe he hasn’t got any ‘normal’ support or a ‘normal’ family anymore, since they’re now celebrities, too. But this isn’t the first time this has happened-

Macauley Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson are some other people who became child stars and clearly couldn’t handle it. And look at them, they turned out ok didn’t they?



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