Inconsistency rears its head again – Southampton 3 Liverpool 1 (video)



Having just had a couple of brilliant results, particularly the win against Spurs and the Southampton game was meant to be a shoe in. We were in form and Saints were struggling, it was a give. Or so it looked like until that whistle blew for kick off and they were all over us like a rash and we couldn’t deal with it.

To give credit where credit is due, it wasn’t just that Liverpool were poor but Southampton were also brilliant.

Carragher and Lucas didn’t start and instead was Skrtel and Allen and they were all at sea. Allen particularly looking nervous and clearly unsure of his role. The outstanding Carra being missing made the defence leaderless and in turn were torn apart by the rampant Southampton attack, poor performance seems to breed and it didn’t really look like anyone was up for it that day.

This is a plague that’s been around this seaso. We pick up some form, get some great results against decent teams and then lose to a bottom table side who just wanted it more, reminded me of that game we lost against Villa 3-0.

We need some consistency and we need someone (it SHOULD be Rodgers) to shake the team up and make them play like every game is a cup final, only then will we be a team that can be taken seriously as a top 5 side, because at the moment I can’t see any European team playing at Anfield next season.

Maybe it’s a mentality that once we start to get form the players think the games against lower sides are given, when really in a league like the English Premier League no game is a given.




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